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Which comic would you most prefer to see?

Grammar Hyenas 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Bros 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 1 ]
Wands and Widgets 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 1 ]
Drake + Shine Play Games 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 1 ]
Ace & Demi 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 1 ]
Petrichor 0.36363636363636 36.4% [ 4 ]
none of them 0.27272727272727 27.3% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 11 ]
I want to make a comic series, but I have so many ideas, and I can't pick one to start with. How will I choooooooose? dramallama emo

This is a list of all the things I want to do:

GRAMMAR HYENAS. This is a comic I've already started. It was about three anthropomorphic hyenas who are obsessed with grammar. The reason I stopped updating it (after only a few pages anyway... .___.) was because I wanted it to be drawn digitally, but my laptop stopped working, and I lost the art program I used to make it. I could draw it with pencil on paper, I suppose, but it takes much longer than what I'm used to.

BROS. This is a comic I've wanted to do for a while. Instead of telling a continuous fictional story, it would just be made up of completely unexaggerated real-life conversations between my best friends and me. It's simple, but still ridiculous.

WANDS AND WIDGETS. This one's a science-fantasy adventure comedy about a senile wizard and his technologically inclined but magically challenged grandson. It was going to involve robot animals, ignorant bullies, and a lot of communication failure between the old and the young. It would be hilarious.

DRAKE + SHINE PLAY GAMES. This would be a more newspaper-type comic in which each week there is a new incident between a non-gamer and his game-obsessed best friend as they try playing various videogames together. This comic is actually based on real-life experience and, while still humorous, would actually be a manner of venting frustration.

ACE & DEMI. Everything is symbolism in this world where anthropomorphic characters representing different orientations discuss their lives and participate in various social activities.

PETRICHOR. This is actually not a series but a short wordless story about a rain spirit who falls in love with a dust spirit and learns a painful lesson about friendship and compromise.

I would like to hear the opinions and advice of those who might read/view my works and those who could help me make them better. I intend to at least try all of these, but for right now, I just need to start with one or two.

Any and all comment and critique are welcome. Please be polite, though.
I will post some sample art for each comic soon.
Wands and Widgets or Petrichor sound good.
Although it may be an untoward question, since Grammar Hyenas was halted because you can't draw using the method you want to, will you want to actually create any of these comics at all?
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wands and widgets + petrichor sound interesting.

in a semi-side note from the poster above, are you very serious about creating comics? sometimes you have to compromise and or learn new skills (traditional comics in your case) to get the job done.
I'm not too sure if you're asking me, or him. If you're asking me, currently I am not. Totally am interested, but, until I get at least, I don't know, 10 pages (preferably 20 but I'll get impatient knowing me), I'm not saying a peep about mine on here, yet.
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Looking through the list, it seems that you have a lot of very diverse ideas and stories. To be honest, comics take lots of time and dedication, so when it comes to picking an idea, pick one that is most exciting to you. Picking something that will keep you passionate and your interest continuing through comic making is a very important factor. I personally really like 'slice of life' comics, so I am most interested in BROS. It's neat to see the life of an artist. But, overall do what you like the most and think the most about.

It's most likely that you will begin working on only one of these ideas and getting used to your personal deadlines before starting on the rest, so pick wisely! 3nodding

1. Petrichor is actually in production as an animated short film now. I will share some samples later, probably.

2. I now have my digital art program back, but I think I may still carry on with Grammar Hyenas in traditional media anyway, since it is easier to draw on paper than it is on the computer. My art style looks slightly different when done that way, but I've come to like it as it is.

3. The only reason I haven't started Wands & Widgets yet is because I haven't yet found an art style that I like for it, and it wouldn't be good to do a comic with inconsistent styles.

4. The only reason I haven't started Ace & Demi yet is because that thing is just all over the place and probably not a good idea anyway. xb

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