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II Rational Insanity II
II Rational Insanity II
Finding this thread is funny since one day I'd like to try doing a comic.

If I could actually afford it now.
I'm thinking I might just end up paying real money for this.
Once.. I figure out... paypal, dammit.
Though this one is centered around suicide, since my character-
In the roleplay I'm doing, makes an attempt on his life.
haha, yeah, money is always a limiter e we

Hm, what's your issue with PayPal? e we I'm always amazed that I haven't screwed up using it lol.

Huh, sounds like could upset a few people;; but possibly interesting depending on how it handled.

well, mostly that I don't have one set up yet, and I would need to get the proper information from my bank- and I'm really dumb with cards.
Really. Dumb.

oh yeah, I wouldn't doubt that
But everything I touch turns to angst, and it's more a personal thing for this character
Who I like to torment.
A lot.
Haha, fair enough, hope it all gets sorted then. Hm, doubt you're that dumb though. ; u;

Wow, the Midas-angst touch, nice. :p

granted the first time I tried to use it was when I was fourteen
and not actually legally old enough.
And If I think I'm stupid now, then I was beyond retarded then.

It's awful sometimes, though.
Like I'll start to think 'oh, this is going to be cute'
and then no.
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I would but I really don't know enough about the Assassin's Creed story line to be able to make it convincing.

If you already had it written and just needed it illustrated then that would be another story entirely.

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