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I'm currently seeking illustrators of both Manga and western art styles, because I have a few writers who have handed me scripts in need of artists.
If you need the samples of the scripts, here what I'm working with:

Page One (Four Panels)
Panel 1
Location: Washington DC, 1874
The reconstructed streets of Washington DC, several stage-coaches pass before the Supreme Court Headquarters of Washington DC. The skies are partly clouded as the Victorian dressed individuals pass by the home of the US Supreme Court.
SFX: Clop-Clop-Clop
Panel 2
Three men sit at a table before President Grant and his Provost Marshal Jeremiah Rucker.
Grant a Caucasian man wears his typical Victorian dressed business suit he smokes a cigar before the three men. Jeremiah Rucker a black man stands on the left side of President Grant wearing a Union Blue Army officer dress. The three men wear common business suits for that day. The shortest man has a Z like scar on his right side of his face and seems to be Tex-Mexican. The taller Caucasian man has wind-burnt skin and shows a look of justice in his steel blue eyes and the final man built like a lumberjack from the Pacific NW is albino and has a white handlebar mustaches and pale blue eyes. He wears a red business suit displaying a badge of the new Canadian NW Mounted Police.
President Grant:
Thank you for attending this meeting, Gentlemen
Chris Hinrichsen AD-7: 1874 #0 page 2
President Grant:
Provost Marshal Rucker has spoken highly of you.

This script is in need of a western art style.

Same goes for this one:

Muddy River Space Invaders #1
“Modern Love”
Page 1
• We are looking down on a vulture flying over Muddy River. Caption: “Yesterday” 2. The vulture sees a dead rabbit. 3. The vulture lands near the rabbit. 4. While the vulture is eating, a beam of light engulfs him. 5. Only the dead rabbit remains.
Page 2
• JODIE is laying on her bed, sleeping. Caption: “That Night…” The radio plays “Ev-ry-bod-y wants to…” 2. Jodie is dreaming. She and Curtis are in a small room in the back of the bowling alley that kids use for birthday parties. Jodie is singing karaoke on a stage. In back of her in a sign reading “Happy Birthday” She is singing the same song that is on the radio. It is about five years ago. “… rule the world”. 3. Curtis is the only one watching Jodie’s performance. “Bravo! Bravo! Tears for Fears would be proud.” 4. Jodie, off the stage, and Curtis face each other. Curtis says “Um…hey…I didn’t really get you a birthday present so…here. I won this on the claw machine.” 5. Close-up of a large toy ring that Curtis gives Jodie.
Page 3
• Curtis’ face, smiling. 2. Curtis’ face, dissolving in a bright light. 3. Jodie wakes up. We see the toy ring on the dresser next to Jodie’s bed. 4. A bright light shines through Jodie’s window. 5. Jodie’s P.O.V.: Looking out the window, she sees three bright lights in the sky.

And I still need a manga artist for my Five issue mini-series titled Crusader Katie:

Page 14

Panel 1:

Amanda slouches in her throne with her left cheek resting against the knuckles.

Amanda:"Then let them come. They'll fail in their quest regardless."

Panel 2:

The four knights are making their way through a corridor.

Panel 3:

The knights have jumped back, as something collides with the ground.

Panel 4:

The knights stand in front of the cloud of smoke.

Page 15

Panel 1(The Entire Top Half Of The Page):

The knights stand before an armored Cyclops. The Cyclops' helmet has three horns, the shoulder pads have spikes.

Panel 2:

The cyclops swings his right hand, as knights are knocked back.

Panel 3:

Two of the knights one being a slender woman with a ponytail who wielded a sword and the other a burly man with a lance.

And of course I currently can't pay anyone, which might shoot down my chances...
maybe with a little more knowlege of the plot on the westerns I would be interested, but they sound like they could have potential to me right now

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