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Alright, I've got this idea. A post-apocalyptic setting where it all went to pot because of the world's fantasy characters turning up again and being unprepared for it. Elves, dragons, giants, trolls and the like versus or helping the scraps and survivors of humans with their tanks, nukes and automatic rifles.
Does anyone know any resources I can look at? Novels, rpg guides, zip files full of art.
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This looks really cool. ^^ keep up the good work.
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Pathfinder and dungeons and dragons monster manuals are EXCELLENT for this sort of thing. If you can find a PDF of planescape, that sounds a lot like the setting you are looking at making (where basically EVERY religion is true and the gods hang out with each other and stuff).

The pathfinder SRD has all the books gathered in a single place, and the bestiary would be a good place to look, as it draws from all sorts of religion and fantasy and myths.

Finally, just as a world building project, take a look at a map, and determine where everything is gathered. Like, where would the largest gatherings of elves be? Would dragons move together in packs, or are they more traditionally solitary creatures? How does each country respond to this issue? There are a lot of global aspects to look at when trying to do something like this. Think about why. You don't have to tell your reader why, but you should probably know why so everything still makes sense from your point of view.
I've been using old video games for inspiration, like Legend of Dragoon and Legend of Mana. Monster Rancher is also really good, or Amazing Island.
The wording confuses me. Fantasy characters showing up "again" in our world?

I could go for the whole "they were her once, history has merely forgotten them," but that aside? Most every fantasy character inhabits a fantasy world, not our own. As in fully developed, markedly different in several ways from Earth, so much so that you can't even really get away with "but that's just what they called Earth back then!"

What I think you're driving at (or should possibly think of shifting your focus to) is MYTHOLOGICAL characters/creatures "returning" to our world. And in that case: Folklore! Myths! Go to the library (or Wikipedia or what have you) and check out every book/article on the world's legends that you can. Look in different myths from different cultures, and then make those creatures resurface n the geological area where the legends originated.

I'd read the crap outta that.
Sounds like Shadow Run, it is a book series rp thing. There is a world where all of a sudden magic re-enters the world. Awesome books, and rp. It might give you some ideas on how to make your story work.
Your concepts.
They make me wet in all the right ways.
Because I've spilled water all over myself when I stood up and screamed "******** DO IT."
I want this inside of me.

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