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Hello everyone, This is my second thread(to be honest) to find an artist or two OF my ever first fan comic crossover (or should I say, FCC). You may know what is SBURB from Homestuck and some Gym leaders/Elite Four members from Pokemon are, right? Well, I decided to being the two together in one crazy FCC!

Warning: This comic may have strong languages and Shenanigans of characters you always love DIED. Just like Homestuck. biggrin

Before I talk about the Plot, let's quickly go over to What i'm looking for/Requirement:



You must be old enough to know and reading Homestuck (Wut?)

Any art styles are accepted, either the Mspa style or just manga/anime.

This may have some flashes, but since there rarely animators here. This is Optional.

Short Summary: Two young men from the Sinnoh Region discover a game and wants to play it for "fun".
Long a** Plot:
Two young men gotten two alpha copy of a new game called SBURB. And couldn't wait for the release to come out. Though they got a message for two young ladies who were beta testers for the game, trying to warn them, but for having experiences of game and won from a four-player session. They decided to help them and finish the game as quickly as possible.

These two young men are in the Pokemon league in Sinnoh, but the blonde haven't been battling challengers while the redhead is busy for being the third Elite Four member. the two are great friends after they had a big rivalry.

Two beta testers from an unknown region begin their game on their brother's 20th birthday. After four years of deaths and shenanigans, on their brother's 24th birthday, he was the hero of Space while his "boyfriend" was the hero of Time. Sacrifice their selves to defeat the ultimate boss, achieving a heroic death for the girls to win the game. Their reward was a new universe.
However, as they open the door, everything was depression as their lives were "reset".

Basically a 4-player Session, but with two highly experience beta testers, wanting to make a new universe as quickly as possible.

So far, there's only two fancharacters, who are the beta testers, named Foen and Lucy. If anyone are interested of seeing them, tell me and i'll send you their pictures and info. (I'm doing this to prevent to be stolen)

The rest of the characters from pokemon, are canon.

I'm living in the eastern daylight time, If you want more information about this project. send me a message or email me: lilmomo4740@yahoo.com.

Thank you everyone for reading this and I hope you to join.
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<3 I should change the poll...
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Poll have been change! >w<

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