I finished my nuzlocke firered game (actually I ran through PokeMMO). Anyway, I am doing a comic to go with it, but I thought it would be a lot more fun if did it with others! I would like my character to travel with others! Let me know if you are interested in either being in the comic or actually taking turns drawing the comic (like we do every other page or something like that).

For those who don't know what nuzlocke is, here you go: http://www.nuzlocke.com/challenge.php


So let me know! And you can either do fire red or green or PokeMMO!

Here's some of my art.
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User ImageUser Image

Here's a little about my character (she's drawn in the examples):

age: 21
Personality: pretty lively, sarcastic, flirts to get what she wants, likes to be the first to try things, acts before she thinks
Hometowm: Celadon city, but moves to Pallet town to live with mother. Father gambles too much in Celadon.
Starter: Charmander