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Do you read journals that go along with comic pages?

All of them! 0.22352941176471 22.4% [ 19 ]
Never! 0.25882352941176 25.9% [ 22 ]
I read them with new updates but not if I'm reading through archives. 0.51764705882353 51.8% [ 44 ]
Total Votes:[ 85 ]
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Thank you biggrin !

holy s**t! Talent! eek
i AM in the Comic Creators forum, right?

i mean, it's hard to tell, what with this being good and all.
HAHAHA. Well, thank you - I appreciate it greatly biggrin <3
Updated! Finally! (Graduated, so now I have more time...)
Isn't Sasha supposed to be German? (That's the "Russian girl" everyone is referring to in this thread, right?) Or does she just speak German?
She is supposed to be German, yes, but her name is Russian, which I think is what confuses people xD I don't blame anyone; I haven't put up a cast page for her yet, so it's my fault. (:
You are amazing.

And this seriously has the potential to be one of the best comics on the internet.

Your digital painting is up there with the best, and that panel on you posted the first page is absolutely stunning.

I only noticed one problem: For a style that's almost perfectly realistic, your characters' heads are sometimes just a bit too big for their bodies. If your art was a bit more stylized, this wouldn't be noticeable, but you should still work on that a bit.
Awwwwwwwwww, thank you so much ((((((: I definitely agree with you on that point - I tread that fine line along the cartooning Uncanny Valley, where a small divergence from reality is very obvious against the surroundings, and don't always hit the mark, haha! Thank you for the feedback - it's often hard to see things like that when I spend so long staring at it xD
Updated! <3
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biggrin manga biggrin
Updated! heart
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Wow I only know how to draw anime and its like people are drawing awesome comic anime!! lol
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Your link wasn't working for me.
EDIT: It's back up now! heart

Thanks for flagging that - I realized it was down last night, but unfortunately my webmaster is unable to debug at the moment, so down it stays for the moment. ): One of the few curses of not having a Mac of my own to do it myself...it should be up soon, though, I let him know yesterday. heart

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