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Do you read journals that go along with comic pages?

All of them! 0.22352941176471 22.4% [ 19 ]
Never! 0.25882352941176 25.9% [ 22 ]
I read them with new updates but not if I'm reading through archives. 0.51764705882353 51.8% [ 44 ]
Total Votes:[ 85 ]
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November Shift has FINALLY updated (this page took forever and a day!) <3
Update update update! heart
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Mr McGrumpypants
A gorgeous sci-fi webcomic that has a basis in a current scientific problem? User Image Looking forward to seeing more of this.

My exact thoughts. Which makes me want to take a good look at my life...

This's awesome.
It's almost spooky how quickly I started hearing that russian chicks voice in my head.
And I was sad when I came to the end of the archives sad

Keep it up.
I can't wait to see more.

Squid Inc
Thank you so much, guys! biggrin DDDDDDDDDD I'm so glad you like it! heart
Updated! Merry Christmas! heart
Updated! Happy New Year! heart
Not gonna lie, I'm not really digging it.

Everyone else seems to love it, so I guess it just isn't my cup of tea. I never liked the shows like Stargate or Battlestar Whatever, and that's the kind of vibe I'm getting from your comic.

Also, some of your pages look kind of rushed. Especially the backgrounds.

But it's still the beginning, so maybe it'll grow on me. Keep a go.
That's fine (: It *IS* technically "hard sci-fi", which is definitely an acquired taste. As a side note, oddly enough, I've never seen either of those shows or even any like it (except I guess Firefly/Star Trek), because I'm not much of a hard sci-fi fan either. As a result, NS is more character-driven by design.
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not bad looking. the art on the first few pages was impressive enough for me to stick through the color bits which are really not as slick looking.

on the whole I have an impression of harry potter goes to college in space.
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Updated! <3
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I FEEL YOUR LOVE REFLECTION mitsumekaesu hitomi ni egaite haruka na NEVERENDING STORY kanashimi mo itami mo furikiru you ni habataku

User ImageUser ImageI like what I read, so far.

The Russian girl sounded Russian to me, even on the page. That's cool!

I like the computer engineering/science thing going on too.

anata ga kureta tsubasa wo kono mune ni hirogete aa kakegaenai ai no kodou wo setsunaku kuruoshiku kanjite itai I FEEL YOUR LOVE REFLECTION

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