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Hey, guys, this week's November Shift update is super special - a two page spread, with a bonus closeup in the journal section! (: heart

=> http://www.NovemberShift.com <= CLICK.
Updated! heart
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I actually haven't read this until now (even though it's been on the CC for a while now). It looks fantastic, and definitely has a different feel compared to other webcomics I've read. It's like a breath of fresh air.

The guy on page 13 looks a bit like Harry Potter, to me at least. I don't know why.
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I enjoyed the 13 pages you have up so far.
It's nice to see another scifi comic concerning an actually relevant issue (Planetes was the other, also in part about collecting space debris, but it had some more fantastical elements as well).

Is this going to be a drama with a scifi premise, or something else?

I was disappointed with the amount of pages that have nothing but text. Those weren't exciting to read at all. It's not easy to make a radio conversation visually interesting, but there are ways to add at least a little visual embellishment. Making them just text made me feel cheated.
@Kupocake Thank you so much! I know I can't "bump" it, so I try and only post in it when there is an update >>; And I know what you mean about the Harry resemblance...it was a risk I knowingly took, and hopefully Simon'll be a little less Harry-esque when he changes out of his street clothes |D I consider it my own personal movement to take back nervous-looking black-haired glasses-wearing male characters for the rest of the world heart

@Kyousouka Thank you as well! Funny that you mention Planetes actually, I hadn't actually heard about it 'til this Monday when my dad came up to me and went "Y'know, there's an anime that already covered the subtheme of your comic." I freaked out a little until I went and watched some of it online and felt a little relieved both that a) my comic is significantly enough removed from the rest of Planetes to not be a problem and b) it was actually a fairly accurate show, science-wise. (: Made me happy after watching stuff like Defying Gravity recently >>;

The comic itself was born from the desire to draw a comic about students in an engineering school (being an engineering student myself), and it's changed a lot from its original punchline filled, Earth-based idea to its current embodiment as more of a graphic novel long format epic, but at its heart, it's still a story about kids at an engineering school. So yes, it's a sci-fi drama, more character-driven (Think Bradbury over Asimov) but still with a focus on the science and technology driving the whole thing. By drama, though, I really don't mean Grey's Anatomy in space *coughdefyinggravitycough* xD

And I understand what you mean totally. The comic originally started with the full colour pages...I drew the first four of those first (so pages 8-11) before realizing that when I "launched" the comic that I wanted to have more than just one page up, content wise, and each of the colour pages took so long that I couldn't afford to launch all four of those in one week (needed a buffer to move back into school), so I spent a day or two putting together the prequel, just so that there would be several pages for people to flip through and read when they first visited the site at launch (: At some point, I'll go back and improve upon those pages, because I agree with you on that point (though the prelude is meant to give the viewer a little bit of frustration and mystery, being as blind as the Mintaka crew as to what the heck is going on (; ) Thanks for your feedback!
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It's always funny when you find out that something similar to your baby has already been done. Some people get upset over it, but it's good to just let it be, as you have. I'm glad that it'll be a drama rather than something like Blame or Gurren Lagann. Over the top scifi action is enjoyable, but it's nice to take a break from it for something more down to Earth (even if not literally). Plus, I feel a connection ;D I'm in computer science myself, pretending I can draw, muahahaha.

I'm sure you'll get faster with your coloring as you go on. Just keep trying new things.
Yeah! - Usually once I get over the initial shock of something being similar to my plots/ideas/brain vomit, I geek out and get really excited about it (as was the case with 500 Days of Summer - the characters in it literally stepped off of my sketchbook page; I was so flipping excited about it xD Closest thing I'll ever see to one of my creations on the big screen >> wink

Same with me and sci-fi...I really have to feel a bond to the character(s) or the context of the world is lost on me. Whatever future or present that the creator has imagined can't really be fully grasped unless you can understand and appreciate the people who live within that vision. <3333

And isn't it just great to be in a technical field where the most visually artsy you usually get is showing off how evenly spaced and pretty your logic diagrams are?...at least I occasionally get to draw a shaft and pulley system and spend way too much time articulating the texture of the wood grain of the table it sits on....>>
Wow, this is looking good so far. Keep at it. Only complaint I can come up with is that the black-pages-with-text in the intro segment kind of annoyed me. But that was just the intro, and there weren't that many of them, anyway. So, yeah, I've really got nothing to say other than keep doing what you're doing. Nice work!
Thanks! (:

NOVEMBER SHIFT has updated! heart heart heart
November Shift has updated! www.novembershift.com heart heart
November Shift updated last night! biggrin
New poll question!
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crazy gewd art (: looks like a hit

November Shift has updated, with a brand new cast page as well 8D heart

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