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MY WEBCOMIC NOVEMBER SHIFT HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED. IT IS SCI-FI-TASTIC. Click on the banner to go to www.NovemberShift.com!!!

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I kicked off with a seven page prequel comic, and Book 1 starts officially next Thursday night! Make sure you start at the beginning and get all seven pages 8DDDD

(November Shift in general is full colour, unlike the monochrome of the prequel, and every page will have art, unlike some of the prequel pages. It updates every Thursday night!)

About: "Seven students at the Goddard School of Astronautical Engineering aboard Strongwater Station in the year 2118 are tied together by their assignment to the November (or N) Shift for scavenging duty. Scavenging is a brand of work-study job wherein students retrieve and catalog space junk for the dual purpose of recycling precious metals and equipment as well as decluttering the low Earth orbit environment, which is becoming dangerously congested with debris."

Preview pages:
User Image

User Image
Interesting. I might read this
ninniku's avatar

Distinct Prophet

It's . . . pretty!

And I'm interested already!

Sci-fi isn't my cup of tea, but your artwork is WONDERFUL! Nowadays, artists seem to measure their skill (and I confess that I am guilty of this, too) by how beautiful their characters are, but your art is so... REAL. ACK. I am envious!

Honestly, I might read this anyway (the plot sounds a lot more interesting than most of the garbage at my local bookstore!)... but even if I never get around to it, I had to tell you what a wonderful artist you are!
Awwww, thank you so much, all of you! heart heart heart

TBH, while it's a sci-fi concept, the story is far more about the group of students and their interactions (it's like the Shannara books if the regular sci-fi genre was The Lord of the Rings, to put a fantasy analogy on it...far more character driven than environment driven xd smile
Book One: Roll Call started today with page 1! http://novembershift.com 8D
Holy ********.

Awesome artwork.

I've bookmarked it.
Nowadays, artists seem to measure their skill (and I confess that I am guilty of this, too) by how beautiful their characters are, but your art is so... REAL.

So true. This is most certainly publishable art quality :]
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While it's still too early for me to gush over, I have to say that it looks great and well-executed. It doesn't look like the comics I usually read, but it's got an interesting feel.
Looks pretty. (+Bookmark)

About how long you planning on making this?
Thank y'all so much! *snugs all of you*

It's a fairly long story, and I plan to continue it until it's done, barring any unforeseen life complications (: I actually received a grant from my university to make it, so I'm under contract for at LEAST a year, but the story spans several more than that, to be sure <33333
A gorgeous sci-fi webcomic that has a basis in a current scientific problem? User Image Looking forward to seeing more of this.
*loves upon you* I'm planning to address a number of different theories and technologies as well biggrin DDD

New page is up, by the way! heart
The comic has updated for the week, this time with bonus references in the report section! <333333
Updated! (just barely, my computer was out of commission until yesterday!!)

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