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What kind of reason do you think someone isn't able to draw a decent manga?

No sufficient will 0.041666666666667 4.2% [ 1 ]
Not enought practice 0.41666666666667 41.7% [ 10 ]
Because he/she aren't doing a correct practice. 0.041666666666667 4.2% [ 1 ]
Not trying to improve 0.041666666666667 4.2% [ 1 ]
Not analyzing his drawings, script...well. 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 2 ]
Not enought support 0.041666666666667 4.2% [ 1 ]
Not enought criteria of basic principles. 0.041666666666667 4.2% [ 1 ]
He isn't able to draw what he/she is imagining. 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 2 ]
Other reasons(post the reason if you want) 0.20833333333333 20.8% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 24 ]
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Just thinking if hypotetically one artist wasn't able to draw a comic what kind of reasons he/she isn't able to draw a good comic(in his/her own perspective and the reader).
The reason posted are the ones that I think that makes my comics so bad...
PS:I'm actually a newbie because I just recently logged after a long time ....since I registered...like 2 years ago.All my fish died.I wanna get some online friends and I gonna begin to draw in deviantart.(not any webcomic for me)
If you're a profesional just point out the reasons why you wasn't good in the beginning of your career.
Now I have a deviantart...In a week or that I'm gonna publish something, a comic page using a normal willpower as an artist.
Now I'm doing a tour.If you want to know more pm me.
It sure takes a lot of time to post it in deviantart...
Here's my first drawing by computer and mouse that I can send you at least:
Sisea doodle draw

I'm gonna be busy this next week so I'm not gonna be online too much time...
But I gonna continue to watch this post
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I'm no pro. I actually just started making a comic recently. I didn't start till now because I felt my skills were not good enough.
For you, it could be any number of things. Most common are lack of skill and lack of consistent motivation. If you don't have these 2 things, then it'll be hard and nearly impossible for you to create a comic.
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Starting comics is pretty easy. The hard part is to actually finish them. There are a number of reasons why a comic could fail - perhaps it is too long, perhaps the story, style and goal keep changing, perhaps the artist/author got bored with it, perhaps one lacks the skill to do it and so on. Experience is the thing that one needs in order to complete a comic. And that can be only gained by actually doing comics. If you are a young artist that is starting out, don´t hesitate to do a comic - even if you never finish it, the experience will come in handy in future projects.

Years before I became a professional, shortly after I took up drawing I decided to do a comic. The story was actually too long for me to ever complete it (I wanted to do 7 volumes *lol*) but I learned to do comics by actually doing them. In the next 4 years a lot of failed and unsatisfying attempts followed. Starting from my second comic attempt I submitted the story to a publisher and got crushed. biggrin So I scrapped the project and tried another one. And another one. And another one. And another one. I can´t remember how many different project I submitted in the course of those 4 years but the feedback I received from the editors and my own studies helped me to improve. I used the time to take part in comic contests and towards the end of those 4 years I even managed to get in the top 5 twice. Doing very short comics helped me a lot - like trying to tell a story on 16 pages. So I tried once more with a project where I used all the knowledge and skills I acquired so far and actually made it - I got my contract with a big publishing company. Though it was only the beginning of my journey. *lol*

The reasons why I failed up to that point were following (as far as I remember): homogeneity (my style did not fit the type of story), unrefined style and storytelling, troubles with backgrounds, troubles with techniques (like how to use ink or using a technique that was unpractical), lack in planning, inconsistency in drawing (like keeping up the quality or improving)...

By the way, my publisher once told me that only a handful people actually manage to finish the comic (even those that get a contract). A lot of projects got cancelled in the past ´cause the artists/authors gave up after about 20 pages or 1-2 chapters.
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Well,I am good at beginning. I just see my drawings not good the way they are(like if they don't deserve to be drawn). I'm not saying I draw horrible, it's just the way they are in the comic. I'm gonna send a doodle of the way I draw(just linear art for me LOL.)
Oh,no! I'ts difficult to draw with a mouse but I tried my best to draw a character "face".
Feel free to say things about my drawing (don't be too cruel!)
Next I gonna draw a man and send a page of a comic.
If you know a group who dedicate his life to train other persons in manga or comic please send me a message.
And continue posting in the poll!
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The biggest issue, distilled down, is fear. Fear of one's ineptitude, concept, abilities, knowledge, etc. The biggest fear you'll hear artists talk about is the fear of the Blank Page. Everyone gets it, even comic artists who have spent 30+ years drawing spiderman. It's a big blank slate and it's up to you to fill it with backgrounds, people, and storytelling that are supposed to amuse and engage an audience. Of course that's scary--it's downright frightening.
But really, you have to push past the fear and just DO IT. That's the only way you're going to get better. If you think you suck now, draw 20 solid, finished pages and reassess. Then do 20 more. And 20 more.

There will always be fear of the Blank Page, but there are techniques you can learn to combat it.
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Well, that's another reason. Rigth now I'm not doing anything to fear doing a comic but it's a thing to remember in the future.
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Well, for me the biggest reason is doubt in my own drawing and writing skill. Like, to people really care about that insignificant little fictional story lil' ol' me wants to peddle?

I kept telling myself "wait until you get better..." "wait until you have a better story..." and neither will ever actually happen. (As in, I will never feel that the art is "good enough", and that the story is as solid as I want it to be, not that this opinion will be shared by other people)

I took a creative writing class this term (writing for the graphic medium, in fact), and it REALLY encouraged me. I've gotten LOTS of praise and encouragement from my profs and the TA, plus the prof assigned a lot of our readings from personal memoirs/interviews/essays of other famous comic writers/artists, and it was kind of... soothing to see that a lot of them are also like "I don't know if my work is s**t or not, in fact I usually think it is, but people keep reading it so IDK just keep writing/drawing".

In light of this, I have recently decided to just go for it. There's a local indie press that's accepting submissions for short graphic stories, and I decided that, what the hell. I'll send in a submission. Worse comes to worst, they'll reject it, and I'll have a short comic I can upload to the web and put in my portfolio. Best case scenario - it'll be published, and I'll have something to hang on to and cherish for when I get better and become a pro as a memento of that time I was a silly noob. smile

It's actually very... liberating to finally say "******** it, let's do this."

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