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Couldn't help myself with the comic strippers bit. If ya do a strip please do tell me about it wink

Anyhow I do a comic strip titled Bleach and Cloth. While I love graphic novels, manga, and comics I have no interest in doing any myself but I do like doing comic strips (which tend to be plot light and joke heavy when compared to other sequential art forms). It is a bit of an odd ball in that it is drawing light for me and I actually do it to keep my twitch editing for my photography via PS up (I only use my laptop's touch pad to make it). I find working on it in such a way essentially keeps me from being too picky and hence lets me to just have fun unlike my more drawing heavy and plot heavy creative works. The description of it is below...

Bleach is a Religious Studies major working her way through college as a burlesque dancer. Cloth is a 'white bread' hijabi (headscarf wearing Muslim woman) in college for Art History. Together they are roommates who because they are so different can't help but find how they are alike. Focusing on their similarities rather than differences they become fast friends. And by friends I mean they talk $#!+ about each other more than a chimp in the zoo flings poo. However if anyone else talks crapola about the one than the other quickly got their back.

PS Beware of Teddy Interruptions (cute little teddy bears stuffed with sin) and Mufti/Sheikh/imam Squid Beard self described fatwas not endorsed by the Muslim community at large!!!

Oh and before you ask, "Why did the creator decide to name them Bleach and Cloth?" Let me say, "How the Jahannam should I know I am just a disembodied narrator voice!"

If ya like to check it out ya can find it via the link in my siggie or by looking up Bleach and Cloth on FB. For now through I am more interested in seeing who else is out there wink I suppose you could comment on the premise, title, your own work ethic, and feelings about comic strips vs graphic novels, drawing light work vs heavy drawing works, etc. That said I think I am gonna make a post sharing a few examples of the different kinds of strips that I do for the series in my next post.
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The core kind of strip have Bleach and Cloth engaged in either taking crack at each other or being engaged in social commentary. The first below is an example of the former and the second of the later.

Taking Cracks at each other EXAMPLE

Social Commentary EXAMPLE

(^^ sorry but IMG sharing isn't working for me at present)

Sometimes I allow Bleach's being a burlesque dancer and Cloth being a Muslim take front and center. For Bleach I will do strips referencing burlesque costumes of popular characters I seen I thought were cool or make up a burlesque costume for characters I like to see a burlesque costume for. Often these strips will have Cloth making some insider for the IP being referenced or social commentary based joke. While the Cloth being a Muslim strips often pokes fun at little silly quirks and right wing idiocies in the Islamic community.

Burlesque EXAMPLE 1 My take on Alice at the Tea Party

Burlesque EXAMPLE 2 Typical Strip

Islamic RIGHT WING IDIOCY commentary

Islamic QUIRK example

There are more but they aren't main character centric so I shall save em for another post...

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