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Ossu, just a question I'm gonna throw out here surprised

In traditional manga/graphic novel/comic manuscripts, how are pages formatted? As in, I'm fairly certain that manuscript pages are printed as two page spreads on a single sheet, but between the two seperate pages, is there a space between or are the pages directly back to back?

If that makes any sense, lol gonk .

Seeing that nobody has answered this question for a while, I'll make an attempt at it.

Manuscript pages printed as two-page spreads? I don't quite get you here - would be great if you could provide example of this. sweatdrop

In my knowledge, manuscript paper are single-page layouts, somewhat like this:

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That's the standard layout dimensions for vanity-publishing doujinshi. Various publishing have different layouts. For example, comic powerhouses like DarkHorse and Marvel have their own 'artboards', which pencilers have to print on A4 paper to draw their manuscripts on.

As for manga, some mangaka buy manga manuscript paper specially designed for screentone and inking to do their manuscripts, but I've heard others do their layouts by hand as well. In the end, it's all about the requirements of the publisher.

Graphic novels seem to be quite erratic in terms of their layouts and dimensions, since they usually aren't published as issues or TankĊbon like conventional comics and manga, which usually obey a certain manuscript layout due to industry requirements.

To make a two-page spread, the comic artist have to slice one side of the manuscript paper according to the crop marks indicated, stick them with artist white tape on the back and draw accordingly. In doing so, there won't be a gutter (space between two facing pages), so it's easier for the artist to draw his artwork on it.

Then the manuscript (called a 'name' for japanese manga) is sent to the editor in a neat envelope and subsequently (after various rounds of editing) to the layout/ pre-press artist, and then to the printer, and so on.

Lol, I hope that somehow answers your question. In any case, if you're aiming to get published, do head over to the publisher's website for the manuscript layout. More information on pannelling and manuscripts can be found on the web and (perhaps) in your library. Marvel, DC, etc, publishes comic-drawing guides, and some of them do advise you on such technicalities, so just take note of them.

Haha, I kinda ranted a lot, didn't I? hope that helped, though. Feel free to pm me if you have further queries - I happen to be in a mangaka club so I know a little bit of such stuff. .__.
well, manuscripts... are one sheet of paper... One page only and not back to back... so that means One paper for one page... A4 sized btw... and... your panels (the manga boxes) have to start 1cm from the edge of the paper... hmm or was it 0.3cm or 3cm i forgot i'll check back later... noted that this is for normal A4 paper and not those manuscript paper... if you want to be a pro better use the manuscript papers...

how to use those papers

edit: lol i was typing but then i realized you posted first c00ki3... and yours is way much longer eek

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