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Why hello there! It has been a dang long time CC! I hope you all are doing well!

I've been working on short stories to practice making comics again as I prep a long term project for launch.

I have a 16 page comic in progress I am looking to get some feedback on! It is about a girl's encounter with a wild kitten.

I put it up on my tumblr, here's the link - http://stuffaeamade.tumblr.com/post/33913508291/mvskwip

Thanks for looking!
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Ooh, this is nice! Magnolia acts just like a little kid and the kitten is very cat-like. It reminds me of my sister's cat, actually. I like the forest scenes and animals too. I'd read more like this.
Very nice. The only thing I'm noticing that you're doing is drawing so the action on each panel runs counter to the reading direction. Try to draw so the action/direction pushes in the reading direction, unless there's a narratively driven reason against it.

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It depends on who is leading the action though. On page 6, she's facing opposite of reading direction, but she's leading the action, so the action is moving in reading direction. (If that makes any sense.) You always want the last panel on a page to push the eye to turn the page. That last panel on page 13 is a prime example of needing to be reversed for that reason.

Anyway, looks great. I enjoyed the read and I love the simple, charming style.
Thanks for the feedback!

The kitten is based on our youngest kitty who loves to get into everything, and I pulled a lot influence for Magnolia from my little step sisters.

Thanks for pointing out the problems with the reading direction! I was trying to keep the screen direction consistent and avoid breaking the 180 degree rule, but it does make the action flow funny in places. Luckily it is an easy fix!

I will pay more attention to the reading direction when I plan out pages in the future!

Thanks again!
This reminds me of my two little fur devils XD
Although on page 14 I was quite confused of what was going on since you offered many snapshots of the sequences. I think it will be much clearer if you free up a big panel to explain the situation.
Awww it's really cute! smile
I'll have another look at 14 and see if I can't get that clarified as well!

Thanks for the feedback and the nice words! heart


Got one inked! http://stuffaeamade.tumblr.com/post/35367926832

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