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I have been working on a comic for fun off and on for a few years. All on paper and all very very rough. Well I decided I was going to make it into a webcomic well I kinda did... More so my brother told me I should because I was good at making comics, then got me a program so I could... so now I am doing it... But then I kinda realized I need help!

Who I am looking for is someone or multiple people to help with concepts. You don't need to know how to draw or write just being familiar with manga styled comics would make you a valued member of the team. Even if you just like manga fashion, and have ideas for character wardrobe's would be a great help as well. Maybe you just want to be apart of creating something you are welcome too.

What exactly am I asking of you?

> Someone who can help with character design. (Whether that means submitting your own drawing, or describing to me what they think would improve the overall look of a character.)

>Someone who can help with the story boards. Just basically look at them and say what they think. Weather it be that the page is too cluttered or the words need to be changed. Even submit their own idea on how the page should look.

>Someone who is creative and can spice up the story.

Really I want anyone who is willing to help. I just think two heads are better than one, and the more the merrier. I don't want to just be another person putting out a web comic. I want to create something people will enjoy. I feel like alone I won't be able to make this comic all that it could be.

PM me or comment if interested.

(oh and I know I don't have very good grammar and I may have misspelled a few words... so you don't need to tell me what I already know.)
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Hello, I might be able to help you with that. :>

Maybe you should give a summary of what you're doing?
Well, I'd be happy to help by illustrating characters and proofreading/providing ideas.
Hello, I might be able to help you with that. :>

Maybe you should give a summary of what you're doing?

Yeah of course
Story Summary.
Seika Momochi a rich well balanced member of society is sent to earth with her elder brother Akemi
Momochi. Their family name was a household name making them seemingly famous at the new
school. However Akemi is far from the well balanced member of society, he hacks into a government
website and finds out secrets he knew he wasn't meant to see. In order to protect Seika he attempts
to leave the school they both were attending and disappear. However Seika follows him and
continues to do so no matter where he goes. He tells her one of the many secrets he found in hopes
it would change her mind and keep her away from him, but it only makes her want to follow him
more. In order to protect his sister he turn himself in and gets her sent to Keikoku Academy. He tells
her to make friends and live a normal life. Seika demands that no one knows her real last name and
starts going by Seika Usagi. She is placed in a team called Beta team 142. She then devises a plan to
save her brother. She gets pulled in to more than she expects when she finds a weapon that could
save hundreds of lives. Seika and her team then are on a mission to save the human race and right
the wrongs that had happened on Earth.
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I could help with the character designs if you like.
I think your plot's fine (so far) and I look forward to seeing more from you. :>

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