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Looking for a Job as an Art Assistant? Look no more!
I am currently opening spots for assistants on my webcomic, and will be paying!

Hello all, you may all know me in the short time that I have been posting here as the artist of the webcomic Aerin. I am pleased to announce that after reviewing some of your artwork, I would be pleased to extend an invitation for a select few of you to be hired on as assistants of the comic. My writer and I are are looking for hard-working, motivated individuals who have the determination and commitment to join us on our journey to make Aerin a success! I intend to pay you for work, with chances to increase pay if our work becomes more successful, or eventually makes it to print.

However, there are certain qualifications that I am looking for in applicants, which include the following:

-You must be 18 or older, as we want to avoid any child labor laws.

-You must own a digital art tablet, as our work is digital only.

-You must have and be familiar with the following programs:
a. Manga Studio (Debut)
b. Photoshop CS3 or newer
c. Paint Tool SAI

-You must provide a portfolio of work; this may include art sites, devArts, and or any other sites your work is displayed.

-You must be willing and able to complete our qualification test, which consists of being given an assignment to complete. You will be graded on the amount of time that it takes to complete the assignment, the quality of work, and how well the work complements the assignment.

Payment as of right now is out-of-pocket from me, so will not be a glamorous amount, however, will be monetary compensation nonetheless. As per GaiaOnline's ToS, no monetary transactions may be done through this site, so it will be done via email. If you are interested, please post your interest in this thread, along with links to your work. I will contact you via Private Message after you do so.
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I'm super interested in this! I'm going to be 21 in under a month and I've got Photoshop CS5 and a wacom tablet. I don't have Manga Studio or Paint Tool SAI (i can't afford them), but I'm a really fast learner when it comes to art programs.

I've got an associate's degree in graphic design and interned at a graphic design studio; I've got experience with preparing digital files for print and I've been studying the principles of comic art for a few years now (panel flow, camera angles, effective perspective, contrast, lettering, etc)

my art blog is here and my deviantart is here

here's some specific pieces done in a more comic book-ish art style (including wips):
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Hi, Aerin,

I would like to be considered. I'm familiar with Manga Studio EX and Photoshop CS5 and CS6, but not Paint Tool SAI. After a bit of research, all three programs are basically the same anyway. Whether or not you're interested, I would appreciate a response.


~ inashosetai

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This sounds interesting, but your original post is silent on the most important subject: What are the exact types of work expected from the assistants, and how much?
A ballpark estimate of the pay would also be nice. "Not glamorous" means different things to different people.
Hello, sorry for the late reply.
This is definitely beautiful work, but it looks like the spot has been filled already. I do thank you for your interest though,

If you have a webcomic yourself, I'd love to follow it.

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