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Okay, what the heck. We'll give this a shot.

EDIT: Forgot to say that this is supposed to be an edit of my previous entry.

Name: Stop Him, aka Colin Wales
Job: Writer (with some art skills)
Seeking: An Artist who is Better Than Me.
Samples of your work: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/comic-creators/omega-arcane-watch-me-work/t.18677283/ also: http://nixon.stop-him.com (contains bad NSFW words)
Additional Info: I'd be interested in finding someone with which to co-create a longform comic/manga - something that could either be self-published or submitted to a professional-level publisher. Of my existing ideas, the one most developed (that I'm willing to share) is Omega Arcane (see above link). I intend to be fussy about collaborations - potential partners should at least exceed me, drawing-wise, in skill. (This includes not only technical drawing ability but pacing and layout as well.)
Alternate Contact: For Gaians, PMs are best, but stop.him@gmail.com is a viable alternative.
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Name: Patmos of Endtimes
Job: Artist and Writer (Artist category)
Seeking: Dedicated Background Artist that meshes well with my style. A good eye for perspective and clean technique required.
Samples of your work: Gallery 1, Project you'd be working on, Gallery 2, Gallery 3
Additional Info: This project is relatively easy-going. Your work as BG artist would be split with me on occasion and not very demanding. Must be able to take direction or redo my own scribblies. Must have an open mind. I will listen to your ideas if I like them and will take your opinions into consideration concerning artistic placements and direction.
Alternate Contact: AIM me at Panderai for more immediate response.
This is an edit of my previous entry.

Name: Sora Neko / Raika
Job: Artist, writer, colorist. I'm not keen on lineart / inking in general, but I like to sketch. Not good at inking yet but I'm working on it.
Seeking: A fellow artist and or writer to either collab on a comic OR be an arting buddy
Samples of your work: Deviant Art
Additional Info: I work mostly in the fantasy genre. I will draw almost anything, given reason. I have no problems with sexual orientation of any kind or gender benders. I explore multiple themes, both dark and light. I dislike stereotypes and always push for more interesting/unique characters. I have issues with commitment and would prefer something short-term/with a certain end-date. A few of my writing samples are in my DA account, but if you would like more please contact me. I'm super busy with school these days and probably won't have time for someone else's project; however if I feel that it would be worth it I might try to squeeze time for it, but no promises.
Alternate Contact: I don't usually check Gaia very often, however I check DA on a regular basis. AIM is "xriftmakerx". Please only use the Gaia PM system as a last resort; I do not frequent Gaia on a regular basis and it might take awhile to get to your message.
* pokes forum xp *
Name: David
Job: Artist/ Cartoonist - Explicitly not manga
Seeking: Writer that has an idea that they want to put down, or who wants to create a storyline for already existing characters.
Samples of your work: http://www.atebits.com/software/scribbles/gallery/index.php?moreFromThisArtist=1959
Additional Info: I'm in school, so I won't always be available right away, but I will do my best to get things done quickly and to the best of my ability
Alternate Contact: Email or PM
live, thread, live!
This is a rell helpfull thread!! I'm in surch of 2 artist and this really helps!!
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Aaah, the thread is revived! Great! I can go back to directing everyone to it. xD
Job: Artist
Seeking: Writer, it'd be nice if you could also tone/letter, but it's not necessary
Samples of your work: webcomic | Deviantart
Additional Info: I'm looking to do a purely humor/comedy comic with a continuous plotline. It's just a project for fun, and I'd like to keep it short.
Alternate Contact: PM or email: smtofu (at) gmail (dot) com
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Mr Eleven your art is pretty. 3nodding To bad i only have long stories. T^T
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Looking for a inker and color person! whee

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