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Hey guys, so I wrote a script for a comic book last September, my first of it's kind.

The story is about four friends who steals from the biggest comic, Anime, and gaming conventions in the nation and their struggle to stay in the 'business'. They feel as if the comic, Anime, and gaming industry is just becoming a robotic 'business' and are constantly selling repeats of the same products that are already making them money, not caring for originality other than vampires and zombies. They decide the cure to his is to create the biggest heist in convention history by stealing authentic Batman costumes, all worth in the hundreds of thousands, during a panel in Comic Con San Diego, making the statement "Absence of originality will create the longing for what people already love."

The script is primarily written in an action and dialogue sequence. Someone does something while someone is saying something, and what that person says relates directly to what that person is doing. I tried to focus on the 'feelings' and 'life' of comic, Anime, and gaming fans all over through this method. I feel as if it is very visual and detailed.

The four main characters are Vader, the intelligence of the group who plans all the robberies and constantly cosplays as a Jedi.

Kendra, a beautiful lesbian who loves to show off her amazing cosplaying skills in order to create 'distractions' for the other characters to steal.

Jerell, also known as 'Asian guy number 2', is one of the muscle of the group and is straight forward in his conversations.

Edin, also known as 'Arab guy number 2', is the second muscle of the group and is often absent minded, but slick talks his way to steal stuff. Jerell and Edin serve as comic relief but are the ones who really perform the majority of the robberies.

Well, what do you guys think? I finished the entire 80 page script but it does lack a lot of context. It's just a cool read but isn't anything award winning.
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I think it sounds interesting. I've never been a fan of DC or Marvel, but I love Anime and it sounds like if you've really focused on the fact that it's only a 'big' issue for them, and is kind of petty to ordinary people, it would be really funny. I don't know how you've written it though, but I'm sure no matter how you play it off it'd be really good.

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