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I apologize first for my lack of samples. I've put my pen down for quite a long time (doodles in notebooks excluded) so I don't have many up to date characters, but here's what I'll do. Throw me a character description and I'll try my best to flesh out the character for you. Could be at character from your story or one you made up just now to prevent me from stealing them (which I assure you, I won't stoop that low). I do create my own character, yes, but over I've found I really suck at scripting things out. If you're interested PM me or post here. Thanks.

And hey, look, at least you get free character art. •u•

Oh! I suppose I should tell you what kinds of stories I'd prefer. I like dark scary things. At the same time, if you catch me in the right mood, I'm down for some romantic comedies as well. I'm not very into the whole 'Rahhhhh I have super powers and we're gonna brawl all day and stuff', but some tasteful gun action is always a plus. I don't like stupid female leads that are all 'ladida I'm a ditz, but everyone still loves me'. If they have super powers, it makes it worse. If you're going to present me a female lead, give her some god damned backbone. She's a lead for a reason. Oh and no gundum or anthro. Never really liked that stuff either.
I'm not really sure why you're talking so much about character drawings. People here are going to want to see samples of your ability to turn a script into sequential art. Or at least some assurance you can compose a readable comic book page, even if it's just thumbnails and sketches.
Yeah. If i can see some samples of your art I'll know what type of story to write. I'm needing to get my creative juices back in gear, and wouldn't mind banging out a script. But, I don't feel like doing it if its just going to get send off into the ether.

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