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This is the main focus, she is a half-mutant girl:

User Image
The black ring on her face is her birthmark.

This is 2 of the sample pages, I have 11 pages so far (and of course they are not processed yet):

User Image
User Image

Please comment and I will take and filter out advices since I simply don't have the time to redo the pages, but I will take useful lessons from you guys and apply them to my future art.

Also, I'm not associated with any other users here, so my arts are completely original and copyrighted.

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You're art looks not so different from a professional mangaka
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It's pretty good so far but just be careful of the fact that if a character attempts a stealth attack, their main objective is to kill him or her (silently) without them knowing where you are... I suppose a bladed weapon would make more sense than punching them to death which obviously makes noise since he'll be screaming for backup if he can't retaliate...

Anyways.. good work so far, keep it up!
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Not my type, looks to childish.
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Wow, this is pretty good so far. But I would draw the backgrounds more detailed. They look kind of empty, probably just some black-white contrasts would do it. smile
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looks cool,but the action scenes were a bit line heavy
on backgrounds i think you can fill gray tones
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The poses are nice, but the lines need to be more dynamic(more thick and thin).
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Thats actually really good biggrin
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I agree that the lines need to be more varied/dynamic. You're losing a lot of motion by drawing everything in the same type of line.

Some of your poses look like they're eyeballed from other comics, without you actually understanding how they work. When you reference anything from anywhere, do studies to understand how that object/pose/whatever works, and then draw it from your imagination in the comic. That way, you'll build up your mental library and you will not need to reference to draw those things ever again, so you'll save time in the long run.

The speedlines/zoom lines are too uniform in their distribution, so they actually make the panels look more static rather than dynamic.

I like that you're not afraid to draw action scenes and that you're not just drawing talking heads everywhere! You'll learn much more this way, and your comic looks much more interesting for it.

Your panelling on these two pages is fairly good, although on page 2, I wonder if there's a missing speech bubble or something in panel 4.

I don't think you established the scene enough. What is she hanging on to? The previous/establishing panel doesn't look like there's anything above that guy, and all we see in her panel where she's hanging Spiderman-style is a black, vague mass.

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