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Doesn't it seem that its so hard for you to advertise yourself and your comic? No matter how awesome your designs look, or how rad your comic/artwork is? You've tried doing all sorts of things, and no one wants to even give you an ounce of their time. Frustrating, isn't it?

So then how do you market yourself successfully? How is that other comics, who appear to have much less talent than you, become famous? How did a** backwards retarded shows make it all the way up to Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon? You could have done 10 times better than that dribble.

My name is Hano, and I'm here today to give you some information on how to creatively market yourself like no one else using tips and tricks that the Apple Co. uses to market their products.

There are three basic questions your demographic is asking themselves, and that you should answer, when they see your work.

WHAT is this?
HOW is it going to help/entertain/please/influence/etc. me?
WHY should I buy into it?

Usually, we answer the WHAT question when we present our work. This is _____. My name is _____. This is my work. Think about, its pretty straight forward, no? Makes sense, you have a product you want to present to your clientele, typically in your case, young comic readers.
You tell them HOW this will entertain them. This is a story about _______. In which our characters do _______. And then, you tell them WHY they would want to read this. This story will _______ your life experience forever.
The flaw with a lot of commercials out there (think of your local car dealership commercials), is that they never answer the WHY. They never get down to a subconscious level. Subconsciously, they are never answered the most important question. Many times its open-ended and different for everybody, so many advertisers leave this up to the viewer to come up with conclusions on their own.

You end up with this.

WHAT --> HOW --> WHY

You are consulting the brain from its outer shell, slowly entering through the gray matter to the most important part, the WHY.

What Apple does, and now many other advertisements do based on their model, is answer the WHY first, then work out of the subconscious, towards the WHAT.
Take this for example.

Ever wonder what it would be like, if you could search up answers at the speed of light? Have an entire library of music at the touch of a button? To access all your accounts from the palm of your hand?

The new iPhone does just that! Access your accounts instantly with the new ______ App. Your library of your personal musical tastes fits right into your pocket to listen at home, or on the go! Look up Google any time you want to find the answers you're looking for!

This is evolution.
This is...
The iPhone.

Seems a little more incentive to go out and get yourself a new phone, neh? You'll find that many movie trailers use this tactic as well. Ever wonder why the name of the movie doesn't appear until the END of the trailer? They are saving the WHAT for the very end!

This is how a good advertisement goes:

WHY --> HOW --> WHAT

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Learn to market yourself, and you will be noticed amongst the harking crowds of other competing artists and comic artists. There are many others out there like you, some with more skill, and some with less. But you've got an ace in the hole. Now you know how to advertise yourself differently than all the others shouting their name and what they do. Don't be lost and drowning in the sea of names of aspiring artists.

Use this method to draw up your advertisements, heck you can even use this method to talk to people, use it as a public speaking tool. Use to talk to that crush you've liked since middle school. If you can speak and appear different and unique, you will be noticed.

My name is Hano, and you can view my work at the link in my signature below. I hope you all have a great day.

This thread is not aimed to advertise or endorse Apple Co. or its services and products, but rather to use them as examples in the method of education to advertise one's self.
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But these are comics, not iPhones. The "Why?" basically amounts to entertainment, doesn't it?
Comics are produced for entertainment value.
The iPhones were just an example of successful marketing.
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Pretty sure that's just common sense.

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