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Stop it. This doesn't need fifteen RESERVED posts. Just post a link to your comic in the first post.
Kyrie Notatio
Stop it. This doesn't need fifteen RESERVED posts. Just post a link to your comic in the first post.

I only did 6 and have stopped long ago, that's rude =___=

No, it's not. Trust me, you'll know when I've decided to start being rude.
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I can't go too much with in depth analysis. but I will try to go over few things you should keep on mind.
1. Page flow: It seems that you can't decide how the comic should be red. Good rule of thumb is that to make pages flow in a way in which your target audience naturally reads, which would be from left to right. Try to manipulate your panels in that way. speech bubbles too.
2 . Artwork - You have a long way to go, it is okay to be a beginner, if you practice smart, you could make big progress on learning your basics. I would recommend you blind contour drawing since your work is mostly hindered by symbols and generic representations. In art, the more specific you go, the more real does the art feel. And after all, your job as (comic) artist is to pull your readers into the plot.
3. Story: Demon and angel breeds are very cliche To prevent this, do your research, here regarding the Hebrew/Christian lore, read how others have juggled with similar thematics.

And lastly, you really do not need to make so many reserved posts, it puts off most of people who will land inside your thread.
Kyrie Notatio

No, it's not. Trust me, you'll know when I've decided to start being rude.

it was rude, no matter what you say, I did 6 just in case, so I can i.e. make a blacklist (for you) and as you can see, I am using some already!
everyone who's not an artist and telling the artist how to design their thread: OUT!

Six is still too many. Five would have been too many. Two would have been too many.

And whether or not I'm an artist has nothing to do with the fact that you're bloating your thread with unnecessary posts that will more than likely either stay empty or be peppered with scant bits and pieces you could have easily put in a single post. Do you see anyone else in this forum doing that?

You're not starting an art shop thread, or a contest thread. You don't need 6 posts.
When you have more reserved pages than you do actual comic pages, something is wrong. You do not need to do that. You don't need a "blacklist" for a thread about critiquing your comic. Don't do it here, it doesn't need to be done,plain and simple.

Let's say IronSpike is not an artist. Has never even picked up a pencil to draw or write a comic. Does it affect anything she's said? I'm guessing that's a "no".

At any rate, your text should never stick out more than your actual drawings. It is not a necessity that you ink your pages, but if you cannot have high quality scans that are dark enough to see, then in addition to Zorya's advice, you need to be inking these pages.

Comics are about communication. You communicate with your art as well as your words. So when the text dumps some info, while the characters walk in almost featureless white space, you are doing something wrong. You do not have to do scenery to the point where every panel is chockful, but you do need to ground your characters. I'm not interested in reading a comic that takes place in a white void with vague scribbles.

Additionally, if this is to be a serious moment- that is it is super important that he not go on the altar or whatever else, cut out the manga stock reactions. It takes away from the gravity of the situation and messes up mood. And it's lazy as hell besides. And i'm confused as to why an archaeologist would be acting like a dumbass and trying to go on the altar anyway. One, he should be concerned enough about his own safety (which a professional would), two he should be concerned with getting a reputation in his field as someone who does not follow a guide's instructions.

I would imagine, that other potential guides would balk at working with a man for whom directions are inconsequential- that's the kind of moron who gets people killed. And it would be one thing if you were portraying it as something he had to do due to deep intellectual curiosity, but he's doing it because his guide would not talk to him, which is childish and petty. Furthermore, brooding is cool, but why would you act as a guide if you did not wish at all to talk or answer questions?

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