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This contest...is actually a pretty good way to try and revitalize this forum a little. Kudos!

I might actually enter once I have Penny Copper up and running (though I'll probably be breaking the 20-page requirement by a hair. Since I'm not debuting 'til May 1st). Also depends on how intimidated I am by the other entrants. >.>
Glad you got the thread up.
So awesome; We already have an entry.
Ooh, sounds exciting.

Name: Murira
Author Name: MuriraRK [SJ/Drunk Duck user name]
Comic Name: Lexcore
Website: http://lexcore.smackjeeves.com
Genre(s): Action/Comedy

Mmm...right now Chapter One comes before the Prologue, since I fudged and didn't think to do the Prologue first...just in case you're confused. Ahaha.
I honestly don't know if we'll be accepting applications that have Gaia characters in them...

I'll have to look over the applications later, since I have to go to an appointment.

Thanks to waltze for donating items to sweeten the pot! Don't expect special treatment for it, though. mrgreen

Also, shounen-ai and shoujo-ai are NOT getting their own categories; we're only having one Romance winner, not a winner for heterosexual pairings, shounen-ai pairings, and then shoujo-ai pairings.
darn.. no gag a day....

*that eliminates my comic... crying

ah well... doubt i would've won anyway.
Mmm'kay. waltze and Murira, your applications are filled out right. You've each received comments requesting some kind of confirmation on your comics. Once I can confirm that you're actually the author, you can send the fee and I'll mark you as entered.

Also, waltze, you can send the donation prizes whenever you feel like it. It just has to be before the judging starts.

Remember that if you decide not to participate, your gold will be returned. Either that or I get reported for scamming. gonk
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sweatdrop Now I feel slightly intimidated now that waltze is competing...

Whatever! I want the money!

Hurum... I suppose I will enter officially at a later time, because I have a newer comic that I want to enter but am not sure I will keep moving through (being the fickle useless person I am) and another comic that has plenty of pages... but not as much in the effort department as I would like...
I haven't read any of the entries before and I don't plan on it until June 1st when the entry phase is over (though it would be difficult to say that if keiii-chan shows up and enters). It doesn't matter if RAnSOM is popular because Miser, Tregory, and I will be deciding who wins.

If that encourages you any.
Oh wow! This is a great idea! Good luck to those who enter!

Damn. Now I wish that I have my webcomic up...><"
The deadline isn't until June 1st, so don't worry. If you have 20 pages up by June 1st and send in an application and entry fee, you're fine.
June 1st, huh? Okay then...we'll see what happens (but since school is already taking up a majority of my time... gonk ).

Why don't you list the applicants on the first page too?
Mmm'kay. Now then.

Would anyone be helpful enough to develop a banner with which we can promote the contest in other parts of the site?
I'll try +waves hand frantically in the air+ I should be able to get something up tonight after watching House.
Ah, House. My inspiration for my assholery in CC. House is a man who should be help up as an outstanding example of witty, sarcastic retort.
Vergessen Held
Ah, House. My inspiration for my assholery in CC. House is a man who should be help up as an outstanding example of witty, sarcastic retort.

... And being strangely sexy while doing it. stare

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