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2) Under art, I somewhat don't agree with consistency, maybe eliminate or place less weighting on it. This is because many 'first chapters' of emerging artists is focused on establishing and stablising his style; to me there is nothing unusual about inconsistencies in the first chapter. This gives a more even playing ground for emerging artists against experienced artists.

For this contest, I think that consistency is important. If the characters look different on every page, to the point that you can never tell who is who, or if the art differs from page to page, I definitely think that there should be a point reduction for that.

I can understand if the art varies from chapter to chapter, considering that the artist is certain to improve over time. However, I don't think that the art should be varying too much in just twenty pages.

Also, I think that the site layout should hold some importance. I understand that not everyone is an HTML/CSS/Graphic master, but if the site looks like crap, that could be a big turnoff for some people. And, if the site is near impossible to navigate, that would also turn many potential readers away.
Oh you people.

-Technical skill


I figured under technical skill, we could stick sfx and speech balloon placement, for the lack of a better place to put it. Execution would of course be the execution of a story's concept. Speech being the tone/voice thing, and mediums is of course what tools have been used and how they've been used.

And like we discussed, the web layout will receive input, but no points.

Edit: Yarr, where should we put backgrounds? There should also be point reduction for artists that can't be bothered to go beyond drawing head shots, if you know what I mean.
5 for each category? confused Give background its own and add something to writing?
Adjusted List"

-Technical skill

-Literary Value

I'm against lline art being judged; Mac Hall did great without it, if nothing else. You'll also note "Literary Value" under writing; it just felt like it was missing. I'm looking at stories that are actually interesting or have some serious merit getting a max score, while cliched stories getting a minimum score.

By having 10 categories, for a total of 20 points, I'd suggest judging each category on 0 (sucks) to 4 (excellent) score, and then dividing the total by half (100 points seems fine, 200 seems weird). It also allows for an A-F grade (just like in school, and the 0-100 score feels intuitively right; this way, the scoring makes sense and allows for the scored to have a better feel for the score).

[A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0, translating to A=90, B=80, C=70, D=60, and F=59 or lower, for those few not familiar with the scales...]

I'm also for putting web design in, but only if either an outstanding job was done, and/or there was something special there, or if the design totally sucks (it takes seven clicks to get to somewhere, or there's too many links on the comic page). I'm thinking more of +/-1 point per judge.

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So have you guys picked a final list yet? I've been away for a bit, and came back to notice that this has almost fallen off the front page O_O
I dunno, do we? sweatdrop If the other judges make up their minds, then yes. I'm too tired to decide at the moment.
Sounds good to me.

Now we need to advertise this thing better. Shall I post in the Promotions forum?
No. I already did and got zero response. sweatdrop

EDIT: Okay, so here's the scoring system, then?

There are 200 points total, 40 to each of the 5 judges. We divide that by 2 to get the final grade.

Each category can get up to 4 points, from A (4) through F (0).

Tregory's explanation confused me a little at first, so I just want to make sure I understand how this works.

We're in agreement over the categories then, yes?
Just letting you guys know, I'm planning on entering my webcomic! Uhh ... I just have to gather up a bit more gold before that happens though.

EDIT: I've got it now!
Name: SuperOppai
Author Name: Momo Desu
Comic Name: Haircut
Website: http://haircut.kachiky.net
Genre(s): Romance/Comedy

Yay, thanks guys. Uhh ... PM me when you've accepted my entry and you want the gold.
Any other takers? Please? C'mon, everyone...

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i think i will be signing up, but you (or another judge, i can't recall) told another person not to do so until closer to the due date, because you wouldn't recall they'd done it.
i think i will be signing up, but you (or another judge, i can't recall) told another person not to do so until closer to the due date, because you wouldn't recall they'd done it.

I think that was because the person in question didn't have 20 pages yet.

I'll sign up as soon as I fix up my comic a bit, theres some matinence things I've been meaning to do for a while.
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I'm also on the possible list. I've been holding off until I hit page 20 of my current project and finish getting my website fixed up.
We only have six pages but we're trying to fill in the required 20 by June.
Oh and is the layout of the site still part of the score?
I'm fine with the cats and points system. =o

If I understand correctly, web design will only be included if it's exceptional, or if it's too poorly designed, in which case it'll either receive a bonus point or have a point deducted. But the website layout will get some critique, no matter what.

Edit: Come on you guys, I need art for the banners. Whose art may I use?

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