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Oh wow! A lot of good recommendations I've actually never seen before! THANK youuuu I'm already super in love with Snarlbear!! XD

That's surprising, but then again I lurk around Comicfury and Smackjeeves all the time, so I guess I would come across certain comics more often. xD
Oh yeah, I also remember some other comics, but some of them are more well known, so you might have read them already.

Cucumber Quest
Lackadaisy Cats
The Wormworld Saga
The Meek (Contains nudity)
Sister Claire is a pretty weird webcomic, but I rather like it still.

Gosh I never even heaaard of Comicfury! Why haven't I heard of it!? I google search webcomics all the time for places like that gaah! XD I'm so upset! How long has that site been a thing man!?

Oh yes, now THESE ones I already keep up with! XD Except for Wormworld, I remember reading the first part and then being too impatient to bookmark to wait for the next parts to come out haha - maybe I'll catch up with it now!

And oh man! I feel the same with Sister Claire XD It's like.. such an extreme mix of not my interests and strangeness happening and yet... I'm still keeping up with it. (I'm actually happier with the more recent updates too - I'm more invested in these wolf family than Claire now)

And gosh darn you though, Snarlbear was tooo short I'm already caught up and fell super in love with it and drew fanart already and everything! ;o;!!
I was actually about to recommend Cucumber Quest (blast, you've beat me to it). Double K would have to be another favourite of mine.
This is my comic!
I draw a shoujo manga webcomic: Altar Girl

and I link to a lot of my favorites there in the Extras section. Obviously I love shoujo manga, but there is a wide variety of stuff I read beyond that! Although it's hard to find time to read much when you draw one sweatdrop
Anyone read Tripping over you?
I'm pretty obsessed with the art style and flow of it all, plus it's just too funny!
I do have my own webcomic, it's actually going to be updating today in about 2 1/2 hours (when I get home from work.
found here TOL(the first chapter is in the process of being redrawn so all the artwork will soon be all the same) it's a fantasy romancey-ness with lots of other worldly adventure. Gay characters happen later down the line so if that's something that you're uncomfortable with then it's probably not the comic for you....also manatees happen.
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I am quite fond of this Chrono Trigger fan parody comic HERE

This is my strip about a burlesque dancer who is a religious studies major and a hijabi who is an art history major that are roomies and best friends HERE
I have just started on mine and hope to find some interested readers and support. Please check it out: 1i [one eye]

i'm a pretty mediocre artist but i hope to improve
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I started up a new webcomic back in September: http://messenger.thecomicseries.com

It's a fantasy adventure story about a young messenger's quest to bring peace to the lands.

Also, a good friend of mine has been working on a webcomic called Hat Hair that is just a fun read: http://hathair.thecomicseries.com/comics/1 (she's been taking a break, but is planning to return to it soon)
Maaaan, I'm sorrowfully behind in reading webcomics. Working on one kinda eats up all one's time and makes it difficult to find new series, so I'll be checking out the suggested comics above. whee

{Just in time for Halloween} If anyone is interested in a paranormal adventure webcomic, I draw one called Miss Grey. I just started a special Halloween chapter that will only be 13 pages long, it's a great place to start if you are new to the series (click here to go to the first page of the special Chapter "Shoki's Bride." wink

If you like what you read, check out the 70+ pages from chapters 1-3.

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