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My new webcomic END TRANSMIT is looking for an artist. I've got plenty of story done up for several of the comics already as well as an interesting concept to boot. It's going to be tied into a web-based mmo I'm also working on on the side. Basic idea is that what happens in the comic affects the game and what players do in the game affects the comic. This is the bit I have on the site right now trying to find an artist:

As the title suggests, I am in need of an artist to bring my creations to life. So any fledgling/established artists that want something fun to contribute to, you have my email address(xolkiyr@gmail.com) as well as the ability to make comments to this post. To give you a little background into what you’ll be working on, here is the premise:

In this universe wormholes are a normal everyday thing. They open everywhere, including within the atmosphere of planets. However, within our atmosphere they can not fully form, not without help.

Through a series of odd circumstances our protaganist meets, via conference line, a very rich and smart man. This man gives him the opportunity(and technology) to traverse these semi-wormholes. He’s given this opporunity through a device known as a P.E.A. or Personal Extension Apparatus. Though this small pebble size object he is allowed to tranfer himself to different dimensions and even different world.
But here’s the catch… he is not alone.

At this time I can't pay the artist in anything but Gaia Gold but in the near future I have the opportunity to get a discounted Artist Alley table rates at both Katsucon and Anime Mid Atlantic. On top of that I've already struck up a deal with an independant publisher who, if we do good, will be willing to publish the comic for us.

Thank you for your time and please contact me asap.