Ink your work.

Ink your work, ink you work, ink your work.

Some professionals don't bother, true. But It's their skill that allows them to do so. Most people can't and shouldn't.

Your work has the standard roster of beginner's issues. Symbolic drawing, crowded panels, wobbly lines, uneven gutters, bad lettering. But everybody has that starting out. Not being incredible right away shouldn't discourage you. Comics has never had a prodigy, and for good reason; they're too ******** complicated. Not a lot of people are both a good artists and a good storytellers from day one.

If you're serious about improving, understand you have a minimum of 200 awful pages in you. And there's no way out but through; you have to draw them. Once those 200 pages are over with, you'll begin to see a little improvement.

I think you would benefit from reading through the Famous Artists Cartoon Course. The course is old, but the fundamentals still apply. Download, read, learn. And if your family is only interested in discouraging you, stop asking for their opinions.