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no periods, period
er well ... just periods ^^;;

I've seen this come up here and there on TV and in manga and in anime(rarely)

even seen this come up a couple times in web-comics like in 'Misfile' or 'Cheap thrills'

it kinda got me wondering how something like this would be received by a general audience?

is that something that you could put in a web-comic?
would it have to be categorized under some type of rating?
is it more about context? how its approached? what's the purpose?

could you only do it for some sort of 'very special coming of age' story or played up as some sort of gag?

would it be kinda wierd?

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If you put them in there, I probably wouldn't notice. If you sneaked them in there and made a joke about it, I'd probably be entertained. Doit.
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it's an effective way to ensure a pause where you want it in the comic. it controls timing. so yes, i'd use it, and have.
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I'm first and foremost a writer, so I always like to be grammatically correct in my sentences. Therefore, I always put periods in my...


could you only do it for some sort of 'very special coming of age' story or played up as some sort of gag?

...That's not the kind of period you're talking about, is it?

Uh... I've never dealt with the issue, personally. Not really any preference or anything, it just never came about. Though now that I think of it, since I keep doing comics about teenagers lately... I probably should do something with it.

Awful lot of humor to be had with it.
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wait, he means the menstrual cycle?

they're in female warrior stories all the time. one of my favorite books has them as how one of her male friends learns she's female it's a young adult book, so there's no stupid maturity rating connected.
Write what you know.
Do you have periods? Are you married or cohabiting with a female (have closely watched the monthly cycle with a sexual partner)?
I suggest doing something else otherwise.
Edited for the worst grammar mistake ever.
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As long as it's not a 'hurrhurr you must be PMSing' type of joke, go for it?
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In this one web-comic I've been reading, Toilet Genie, the author managed to use it as a joke and a plot device. So, as long as you aren't tacky or offensive, I suppose..

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I would say that the Menstrual Cycle (and periods) are a very important (read prevalent) part of female life, and have a huge effect on daily (or weekly, or monthly) life style. The only reason I would avoid it is if your audience is of a younger age, it has no bearing on the plot (for instance the only time you do a scene of a person using the bathroom is when something is going to happen in or around the bathroom right), or if you don't know anything about it (in which case you could learn a lot from a google search or two cat_xd ). Otherwise, it's up to your writing skills. cat_smile

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