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So its about that time, comic time! Ive been itching to make a comic book for the longest time, but Im horrible at writing, I can draw well by my standards, would any one else like to help me!! I need a writer, and we can bounce some ideas around, itll be a good time, I have a couple ideas Id like to do but im open for more. Heres my older art

please message me as soon as you think your interested!
If you look at my deviantart page there youll see that i dont do much manga but i have done it before and im willing to try it, but i much prefer realism
One of my ideas i could really see working with realism or manga.....so i hope someone reads this post soon!
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What genre would you like to create?
Well I guess any really, but these two ideas I currently have would be fantasy/war, and the other scifi/western, but Im open for any idea, I just want to make something different, and action packed.
For my ideas, I already have alot of details that I want for the story, or could use for it, but I dont really know how to go about turning them into good stories lol
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I am an artist who had a similar problem once. And I can only advice you to try to learn to turn your ideas into comic stories. It is not easy but also not impossible. There is a lot of literature on how to write a story. Why you should do that? Because it will not always be possible to find a writer who will write a story you are comfortable with and that you can actually "feel". Without that it will be hard to actually stick with the story till the end. Also, not all writers are open for discussion concerning flaws in the story. I teamed up with an author once who later on decided to rather cancel the teamwork than to discuss changing a point in the story which imho did not make any sense and made the storyline unnecessarily confusing.
Oh thanks for the advice! I will definitley consider making my own comic....I just like the idea of getting more than one perspective and more ideas flowing through a project. But I do have a vision for my war idea and I dont want to tamper much with it so I will probably work on that independantly until someone decides to help me with another project.
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If you still need a writer I am more than willing to help
If you still need a writer I am more than willing to help

awesome possum! You should message me then and we can get the ball rolling on this thing....we can just start with like a list of what kind of stuff you like and influences and any possible ideas, and ill tell you all my stuff all that good stuff! And if you have any writing pieces you could show me that would be great!
I have a script for a comic ready

it's not remotely action-packed, and I'll need to explain some aesthetic details to you, but it's pretty much ready to go to storyboarding.


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Good luck to you I like your artwork. A few years and I could see you really making a name for yourself.
Good luck to you I like your artwork. A few years and I could see you really making a name for yourself.

thanks! that actually means alot to me! biggrin

The link above is to my topic of which I'm seeking an artist. if you're possibly interested in making my idea into a comic then message me in return and we could possibly get started on drawing some rough drafts on character designs. ^_^
Im willing to tackle multiple projects!! If anyone else has something they wanna work on Im all ears!

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