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Yeah, so I stayed up all night and decided at 9 in the morning I need to practice for a comic I've been planning. This was mainly to work on the paneling and inking, ya know comicy stuff. I'm aware of the lack of background, it's supposed to be all white...it's like another dimension dealio. And lookit that ugly face on the top right, ha scream <- Thats him. Oh and I also took this picture with my iphone, didn't feel like dealing with my roomates scanner. 8megapixels buuuuuhhhheeeeeyuch

Practice Page Poop
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ick, just the more I look at it. confused
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To much empty space between the boxes...
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Even if it's another dimension, you're going to need some kind of background! Right now things read like the characters are flat on the page, versus characters living and inhabiting a real world. Also remember that your character in that first panel looks like he's standing on the panel border--that's a no go! Get his entire body in the panel. Also watch your gutters, their wiggling all over the place.

Your figures are looking pretty nice! The heads are slightly big, but you've got a grasp on anatomy. smile

wahmbulance Keep practicing wahmbulance
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Your poses are fairly nice, dynamic, but the boxes are very empty, like Help said. Backgrounds could fill up that space, or even just texture and well placed screentones.

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