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HI! i was thinkin of makin a guild for comic makers ninja everyone could share their comics and play games and collab and whatnot. BUT would anyone else be into it or issit just me? ninja
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Shadowy Phantom

What would this guild bring to the table that isn't already easy to do without your guild?
well it'd have the comic postin thing like the normal forums do 3nodding but it'd also have little forum games that would be fun and all havin somethin to do with yur comic. like "who would play your characters in a movie" or a battle arena type game where people can face off eachothers characters in a fight and see who'd win 3nodding it doesnt hafta be just games either. it could be anythin like events and awards and promotions but all around the idea of eachothers comics and makin comics mrgreen

ALSO a guild would be smaller then a forum so topics that get made wont get pushed to the ends of the universe and never heard from again. gonk plus it'd be better organized since the comic creators forum just has this and the guild would have a bunch of subforums to keep track of stuff 3nodding

another handy thing is that if everyones in a guild together theyd probably comment on eachothers stuff more and make collabs instead of just skimmin thru the forums 3nodding
its pretty small right now but it'd be super mega awesome if anyone wanted to join! surprised

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