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^^ Thanks, sharanz. Though we should probably stay away from such intriguing and controversial debates, so as not to draw in passers-by.

Have you tried a bit of active recruiting? Like, going into threads for people looking to collab, asking them if they want to work with a studio... there used to be a list somewhere for "artists for hire"... Though in my experience interested people will usually come on their own. Oh! And a great thing to do is to post in art forums with a banner in your sig. You don't need to mention your studio explicity, but curious people will often click. It's creepy how many times I see a person in some art-related thread who later turns up in CP. xD
five positions --the writer, penciller, inker, colourist, typesetter. Sure, some of those jobs the artist should be able to do already, but really, this is how the comic industry is set up.

Yes. The comic industry. That mythical place where everyone gets paid, sticks to their deadlines, has real contracts and a mad, bad editor on their asses. This is not the world we live in.

Megrar: thanks. 3nodding

coolsharanz, um, you are talking to me? The answer is, no, I do not want to work for you, though you're welcome to work for me. neutral
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I think coolsharanz was annoyed/depressed because you posted as if this thread was set up to discuss the issue of studios vs. individual workers (or whatever it is we've been discussing) instead of being a recruitment thread for his studio, which is what it is. I can understand that is frustrating, for all I like a good discussion. It's interesting, too, to meet people who frequent this forum regularly. I've been here for a while, so I know a few usernames, but I don't often go into other threads.

Oooh, you're a publisher from the UK!! *just clicked your site* =D That's awesome. Do you get many buyers? I'm interested in how you managed to set up a publishing company, too. Do you employ editors and proofreaders and things like that?
Maybe someone should set up a separate thread for the studio vs whatever discussion. As interested as I am in the conversation, I'd feel bad about joining in with the hijacking of this poor guy's thread. xD (And no, sorry, not interested in joining your studio.)
Yeah, I think those of us who still have a heart or whatever it is that feels emotions feel bad for hijacking the thread. On the other hand, we are keeping it on the front page of CC. biggrin
Yeah, I think those of us who still have a heart or whatever it is that feels emotions feel bad for hijacking the thread. On the other hand, we are keeping it on the front page of CC. biggrin

It doesn't seem to be helping. xD I don't think a bunch of posts berating the thread owner and questioning the practicality of studios is going to help him much either. xD
aw man, like I already said guys, it's ok to chat here...kinda interesting actually.
The thing is i found a couple of guys interested and am planning to work. Just my DUMB internet connection wont let me upload quick !
Psycho Bunny Studio
comic 1 comic 2
Both printed by PBS, sadly we've run out of money at the moment so... uhh.. buy a copy so we can start printing again?

xD Y'know, I might just do that if I can persuade my parents to let me order it online. (I can't wait until I'm able to do it by myself xP) I'm curious about the whole publishing process - how did you get in print? Did you self-publish?

Well with my publishing I "Let my fingers do the walking" and used the yellow pages. There was a studio in town that did publishing so I printed the first book with them, and I'm glad I did because I was working so closely with them during the project they gave me a job xd
I did some freelance design work for them and earned the money for the second print, but after that one I graduated from Uni and moved to Japan and havn't been back to Canada since.

Honestly though I'm thinking of using a different company for the next print. I learned a lot and kept using this company because I could get a discount for doing all the grunt work myself (Plus doing that let me learn the process of making comics) but their quality was a little low and because I was the only comic they ever did I was responsible for working most of it so I made too many n00b mistakes that a real company would already know about.

Anyway pop into my thread
My Thread!
And put your questions there so I'm not burning up this thread with my stuff ^_^
Exactly how many other studios are there? You guys all talk like there are loads but lately I've seen all of three: CP, PBS, and this one. There used to be Glass Moon Studios as well, headed up by OctopusCt9, but I think that one died.

Really, I think the only studio here who has done anything is PBS. I can't think of any others off the top of my head right now who even finished one chapter of a comic which is kind of sad considering how long some of them have been around.

You could help solve that, if you felt like it... :3

Aren't I just the subtle hinter.

*Grins like a cheshire*

I'm always up to work on printing more stuffs!
well, encouragement and membership doesn't seem to help any of these fledgling studios. this is the first thread i've really bitched about it in.

when i was still in high school, the teacher would organize the class into groups for science projects. every group i was in would invariably end up like this: one kid did all the work, the rest slacked and goofed off, and took the credit. i was the one kid working my a** off. now that i'm out of school, i'm not willing to do this anymore. i'm not going to join a group just so i can "ensure" their success. if they cannot succeed without me, they don't deserve to succeed. your infering that you're somehow better than i am because you're willing to try and cart these people along is absurd. verg tried, and it didn't work. now,maybe verg and i together could do it, but you know what that is? a writer/artist pairing, not a group. and if we joined a group, and discovered they won;t do anything, we'd probably end up quitting the group and doing our own thing.

clamp was one of my favorites for a long long time. so i want groups to succeed, but i'm not willing to kill my own productivity for a group.

I would like to talk to you a bit more but I can only point you to my studio (Since I'm useless on PM's I always forget the last thing I said) about what PBS could possibly offer you.

Just a thought.

And Verg, post in my forum, The buttsmex commands it so.
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Saraneth 6th Bell
It doesn't seem to be helping. xD

CC is a slow forum, so you can't expect a flood of visitors within days. But it's always good to be on the front page.

Saraneth 6th Bell
I don't think a bunch of posts berating the thread owner and questioning the practicality of studios is going to help him much either. xD

xD Well, my thinking was running along those lines as well, but in a forum of vociferous post-beraters, to mention it is akin to blasphemy. (Ack, there I go again... I write too many essays gonk ) The practicality of studios is an interesting debate, though, since I never really thought about it before. However, I stick to my opinion that you can't rule out studios entirely as an option for making comics.

The thing is i found a couple of guys interested and am planning to work. Just my DUMB internet connection wont let me upload quick !

Oh hey, that's great! About the interested people. Is one of them a colourist? Sucks about the internet connection, though... not much you can do about that except to upgrade...

Oh, and you changed your avatar!
CC is slow. Very, very slow. But the people who are most committed to comics do tend to check the forum fairly often. >_> Assuming they know the forum is here. Sometimes such random things stumble into the forum that it makes me wonder how they hell they even got here. burning_eyes

And no, you can't rule out studios, but I find that for the sort of age group most of us (as far as I know) are a part of, which is about 15 to early twenties, studios just aren't practical. Most people have too many commitments, are distracted by too many things (like, say, school, friends etc?), aren't mature enough to get along and work well as a group, and, as far as artists go (mostly applies to the under 18s), generally just plain haven't practiced enough. A lot of the better comic artists around here seem to work mostly solo, from what I've seen. The whole pencil-inker-colourist-letterer set-up is just silly, to me, for non-professional studios. They split jobs up in companies like Marvel to make production faster. I don't see it really speeding up any of the studios started in the CC. I can't comment as much on those restricted to writing, but for artists, I think it's kinda more helpful to watch, learn, draw like crazy and just get somewhere with your art before joining a studio.

Although it's not like I can say I'm a comic artist. I've been lurking here for years, and thinking about making a comic for years, but I am a cautious person and a perfectionist. I didn't want to start something and end up with pages I'd hate like two months down the road. So it's only now when I can finally look at some of my work like a year later and still think it's okay that I am seriously thinking about starting a comic. I want to make a comic with good art. Not art that only a mother could love.

And no, I am in no way trying to insult any of the artists in this forum or imply that I am better than them. So don't start with me about that.

And I'm sorry, Sharanz, for helping with the hijacking. xD;;
Neth, if you could put the black and white pinup from your dA account into your comics, you'd probably find a decent amount of fans. I think you'd do just fine with the art. Story is another matter entirely and I can't judge that without seeing any of your writing, but your art is good.
Ja, thanks, Held. (Wait, what black and white pin-up? >_> ) And I'm not so worried about the art thing anymore. I need to learn to draw faster and s**t, but I know that would come with practice.
And my writing is, er, special, in a good way, I think. >_>;; Within the next few months, assuming I can get my butt in gear, I will have a short comic done (short as in 15 pages >_> and with like 5 words in it xD), so I can actually post it so I can see what y'all think of the way I do things. And hopefully by the end of the year I'll have a webcomic up and running.

Maybe at some point I will produce some of the ever illusive yaoi with plot. :'D Except the guys will look like men and the world will actually notice they're gay. It's going to be so unpopular. :'D
I would love you forever if you did a yaoi comic with a plot and actual men (not them fake effeminate men). I would be your number 1 fan and follow you everywhere, Neth.

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