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Vergessen Held
Not even if I were the head of the group, meg? biggrin

If you started a studio, I think a lot of people (me included) would drop everything and join.
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*blink* Seriously, Emi? Why's that?

@coolsharanz: Of course, if you'd still rather not have people chatting, we can stop :3 But I like chatting here!
It's because I've been around a very long time and I've done a lot of community stuff.

Unfortunately, I think Emi seems to have forgotten what happened during my tenure at Karoshi Studios. xd Or maybe she wasn't around for that.
No, I actually wasn't around for what happened to Karoshi. I vaguely remember it being a somewhat popular comic studio but then I left for a few years and then it just kinda disappeared.... But yeah, you've been here for ages and you have ruled with a respectable iron fist.
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oh hells. i hate being sick. i totally just konked out in the middle of responding.

i don't recall the karoshi studios thing either. regardless, previously long response short; no, verg. even if you led. because i still wouldn't be sure of the other members, and it's so ridiculously easy to get off schedule with lots of people. delays snowball, and it's really easy to say "oh, well, we're busy people and comics are time consuming."

my grandfather shot himself last month. the group i'm working for now panicked when i took time to attend the funeral and help my mom, because they had already spent all the delay time available. there wasn't any left for me to go cope with personal stuff. and now i'm kind of horribly sick, but i won't even bother telling them, because i already know their response.

i know of ONE group that kicked a**. CLAMP. and you know, they started with 11 members. last i checked, they'd whittled down to 4.

but maybe you should start a group, verg. i think you and the more reliable members of this board have a decent shot at actually doing something.
It'd be very interesting if Verg did. It may be one of the more active studios around here and that'd be pretty cool. (On a side note, I'm kind of curious as to what happened at Karoshi.)

On a side side note, I've just realized that this isn't even sharan's first attempt at making a studio. He tried it once an very long time ago in like October '07. (Sorry if I'm offending you sharan; I just found it kind of interesting.)
Long story short, absolutely nothing happened when I worked at Karoshi. Which was pretty much the entire problem. A couple of us actually got to work for a while. After a year or so, I quit as manager because I was being an immature, emo little s**t and after that I kept my nose out of their business. If something actually came out of it, you'd have to ask Miser or Tregory. They're the only two members that I can remember that are still regulars here.

I don't think I'll start a studio, though. I'd be happy to edit scripts and stuff for some of the more productive members around here, but I already have my webcomic news site to get running and even that's giving me trouble. Maybe some day down the road, but it certainly wouldn't be Gaia exclusive. I'm already thinking of quitting this site almost entirely. Both I and the site have changed too much for me to enjoy it nearly as much as I used to.

My standards are also very high. At the time I ran Karoshi, I'm pretty sure I ran out or discouraged all but the best artists and writers from joining. Which probably didn't help the studio much. In case you haven't noticed, I don't think too highly of my leadership skills.

Hope you feel better, meg. And you have my condolences.
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Vergessen - I thought you had a studio at some point... but how long ago was that? I might just be imagining it, I mean I've been on this site since 04 but I've only been in this forum since January last year, more or less.

Emi - *sigh* Why am I not surprised that you were there then too, in both your accounts, picking the guy up on everything? You weren't quite as critical as in this thread, but what's wrong with the guy not mentioning his friends' names on the internet? Sounds pretty damn sensible to me; I do the same thing.

sharanz - Out of curiosity, what happened to that first studio you made? That thread was a lot better-set-up than this one, basically what I had in mind when I first posted in this thread. And you found a colourist too!

megrar - Commiserations; I'm sick too. And it's sad that you've had so many bad experiences with studios. Yeah, I've experienced the same to some extent - CP has been going for a year with only one fully completed comic page to show for it - but it's not all about output. I've also met some awesome people and made some great friends, and because of that I couldn't imagine the studio ever dying completely. We haven't set ourselves a schedule or deadlines, because we are all too aware of our own weaknesses, and that means that if our members have personal problems, they can take time off to deal with them. Real life should always come before internet.
Vergessen= Which studio is ready to accept new people? If we could start our own one, we could play by our rules...so we dont go beggin around for a place when there's no ad or anything.
Good point, though wink

I was about to post and put a word in for Catalytic Productions when I saw that you'd already posted, Emi ^^ But I have to say, it seems to me that you're being rather over-critical. I know you love flame wars, but that doesn't mean you ought to pick them with every perfectly okay person whose spelling and grammar is a little below-par. Let the guy make his studio! You managed to scare off that other guy, the Chicken Soup Productions one, and I did agree with you on him, but at this rate there'll be no other studios in existence apart from CP xD And like I said before, I'd love to have a 'rival'.

*Sob sob*
I'm still here!! We've just mostly moved into our guild.
i have no interest in joining. none. zero. i never do, honestly.

someone explain to me the appeal of studios. it always seems that they're being started by people who have no interest in writing or drawing themselves--they just want to tell others what to write and draw. and then their topics go away and we never hear from them again.

Well there are some appeals to studios, you can ignore your studio and do your own thing as you've always done, informing them when you are finished and then using their resources which you may not have yourself in order to publish.
Or if you are not so independent they are usually a good resource to find an editor or artist or writer if you are in need of one. Plus depending on how long the studio, and these writers have been around there is the greater possibility they won't flake out as much as someone you've just met might.

it seems like most of what is achieved, is done by singular people who both write and draw. partly due to their having full control over everything (which cuts down considerably on meetings and such), partly because it's much simpler to keep the spark going in just one.

Sometimes yes, sometimes people like to have a second person to help out. Or multiple ones if they can to help prevent burnout, however just as often one partner will flake or do something which kills the whole project.

someone contradict me. i would love to see an actual product from one of the hundreds of groups seemingly formed in this forum.

comic 1 comic 2
Both printed by PBS, sadly we've run out of money at the moment so... uhh.. buy a copy so we can start printing again?
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Psycho Bunny Studio
comic 1 comic 2
Both printed by PBS, sadly we've run out of money at the moment so... uhh.. buy a copy so we can start printing again?

xD Y'know, I might just do that if I can persuade my parents to let me order it online. (I can't wait until I'm able to do it by myself xP) I'm curious about the whole publishing process - how did you get in print? Did you self-publish?
On a side side note, I've just realized that this isn't even sharan's first attempt at making a studio. He tried it once an very long time ago in like October '07. (Sorry if I'm offending you sharan; I just found it kind of interesting.)

Heck! how did u find out?
Well, i did try before...but no one cared...i was kinda new here.... sweatdrop
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Hehe xD Didn't you know that there are ways to look at people's past posts and threads that they've created?

And that's not true, you had someone apply to be a colourist didn't you? What happened to them?
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thanks, guys.

Real life should always come before internet.

it's not about real life vs. internet. it's about making comics. the internet is the means to the end. and i b***h about the group i work for--but all that nonsense i listed is peripheral stuff. any job you take will have a load of bullshit to accompany it. it's murphy's law; what can go wrong, will go wrong. when things aren't going wrong, i do love working for them. drawing is seriously all i want to do with my life. and without hard deadlines, and all the bullshit they can encompass, nothing gets done. in a year or so, after i finish this project for them, i'll have an actual book i can hold in my hands. and honestly, that'll make it worth it.

PSYCHO BUNNY. THANK YOU. look everybody, her group did stuff!
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Well isn't that nice.

Is it really of that much concern to you whether or not the studios in this forum produce anything?

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