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*cackles insanely* And so we have another for team not-USA.
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Muahaha! Our forces are massing twisted
*gets all Saruman and stuff* 10,000 URUK-HAI! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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o_o Believe it or not, LOTR was what I thought of when I typed that too.


Can I has 10,000 elves, tho? Much sexier.
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Hell yes *drool*

If you has elves I wants Riders of Rohan D:
You can has dems. D:

They may look all nifty and Norse, but I bet they smell terrible.

Elves are cleaaan. 8D
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D: Elves has OCD. Obsessive Cleaning Disorder.

I would give baths to my mans of Rohan 8D With pleasure.
No mans of Rohan would willingly take baths often enough to not stink like a horse's arse 75% of the time!
Although if they were clean, I'd have to steal some. >_>

Lawl, this reminds me of a sort of joke I have about one of my characters... Jukka... he's Norse, 6'6, strawberry blond, and with the Norse-ness comes body hair. I think it would be hilarious if he got a girlfriend who made him wax. :'D
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*gasp* You goes too far!!

But who said anything about willingly? twisted

Wax? o_O Cruel indeed. I have to admit none of my guys are particularly hairy - no chest hair, and no facial hair - though since none of them are older than 19, that's perhaps understandable. And since they're pretty much all bishies. x3
Oh yeah, cause you could totally force one of those bastards into a tub all on your own. XD
I suggest shock collars. 8D

Lawl, I don't really do the bishie thing much. I tend to make my characters as real as I can, as far as looks go. Like with noses, bone structure and stuff like that that is really them, so I could see them as a real person. It makes them all a b***h to draw, though. I tend to try for a range of ages too. Although don't really have any characters older than early thirties.
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emo I could too.

Okay, not really, but since this is fantasy-verse I could get one or more of my characters to help 8D

Ah, see, I'm the exact opposite to that. I can rarely imagine my characters as real people x3 It's bad, I know, but half of them were deliberately created to look like anime characters - yeah, I used to have the whole manga-ka dream whee - and even with the ones who weren't, I just can't imagine it. Not clearly. I have a vivid imagination but it's not very detailed. When I imagine people, I usually only see their clothes and hair properly. The rest is kind of... not there.

What I'd love is to have someone who does realistic art to draw my characters, just to see how they'd look. Especially the unrealistic-looking ones xD But in my recent request for art of Sleeper and Alyssa, none of the art was done realistic-style that I can remember. Maybe I'll get some in my art contest... but I think that realistic artists on Gaia just aren't that common. D'you think?
Y'see, that's my problem with anime. xD The characters often don't look like there's actually anyone home. Like they're just pretty shells with cookie cutter personalities. The anime/managa that are exceptions to that are the ones that I like, like with original and different styles with actual character showing through on their faces. It often takes me a while to figure out how my characters' faces look, but after that, whenever I draw them, it's like my holy grail quest to draw them just how I see them. xD The pic in my signature is the first I've done of my main Neth/Tsaruneth that actually looks enough like him to make me get all googly eyed and happy. xD

An no, there aren't too many more realistic artists on gaia. Gaia is primarily filled with people into more anime styled stuff, that and the R&C is filled with a lot of crap artists who just want to make some gold. xD There are some really good artists on gaia, but the general artist population isn't especially into a more realistic look. And those that are and can actually pull it off often are quite expensive. xD
Whenever I draw for people, I pester them for like.. a proper description of the character's face. Not just 'pretty with blue eyes'. I want to know what ******** shape their eyes are and stuff like that. >_> It's not like my stuff is really realistic or anything, but I think it is more so than most here.
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You have a good point. I've tried drawing a couple of my female characters, and they came out pretty well, but I haven't dared to try drawing any of my guys. It's my dream to be able to draw them all so that they look exactly right (especially Sleeper and Alyssa, so that I can draw my own sexeh art =3), but that'd take a lot of time and practice, and I'm not committed enough for that. Maybe this summer, though...

I LOVE the Neth in your sig n__n

That sounds like a good policy, and it would probably make people think a lot more about their characters' appearances than they otherwise would. I have a thing for eyes, but even I don't know what shape my characters' eyes are. What kinds are there?
I suppose if art isn't your main thing, there's no reason to be that committed, since it'd end up stealing your life awaaaaay~ :O

Thanks. <3

Eh, if a person doesn't know how to describe it, I'd suggest looking for photos of different people with features that look similar. Or I can just wing it for them on my own feeling of how the character is. >_> And hope that since they don't even know how the character looks, I might have just given them a face that they'll like. xD
Hard to describe shapes, innit? XD I dunno, I guess almond, narrow, wide.. and I suppose things like innocent, sexy and the like would work too. xD;

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