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There's a point where it gets silly, because ALL evidence you've come across makes perfect sense with what the character is seeing. As I said, the more does he ******** want? Does he want evidence? THE EVIDENCE IS TALKING TO HIM. He's a scientist who doesn't believe in psychic powers, AT ALL, so it's not like his brain is tricking him into seeing something that isn't there because he believes so strongly in it.

It's like in a werewolf movie where a character sees what is clearly a WEREWOLF, and yet they still go, "No, it's just a dog. A big dog. A really big dog that apparently can walk and run on it's hind legs and is well over six feet tall and several hundred pounds." Or like in Signs if when the family was being attacked they were still saying it wasn't homicidal aliens.

Although...your character in Second Sight is a bit of a p***k in the past/flashback sequences, so I get the feeling he just doesn't want to admit he's wrong. Don't worry, he gets better from it.

His evidence should explain what Bias's are and then call him a shitty scientist.


Then dunk his head down a toilet and steal his car.
Oh, oh, about commercials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVnsVulJSuw
In Soviet Kekkoslovakia Finland, people mazes in the faces of gay guys and thinking Swedish are generally flamboyantly gay. Not alone that they shove the Big Brother-contest in every media possible, the have showing this same commercial in same context since they have both same target groups and I'm literally getting sick of both. rolleyes


Wat .. the... I dont... even.... *boggles*

*thumbs point to myself*
I could go for some pie. >x>

And yeah, in Second Sight, it's not until John gets psychic powers that he acknowledges that they exist. XP
Symbionic Titan is making me rage. The bodyguard character is like "EVERYTHING IS DEADLY". I just want to hit him for overreacting to everything.

There's also a cougar-wannabe neighbor that makes me want to hit my head against the wall.
...I need to watch that show.
It's proven to be pretty bad so far. The character designs are different from any cartoon I've seen from the US, but the way the characters act is irritating.

I'm more interested in the Rex cartoon that comes on right after it. Generator Rex, I think it's called.
Generator Rex is pretty good, IMO. And The Secret Saturdays. heart DOYLE heart But you know both these are doomed.
I'm sorry, Soviet Kekkoslovakia made me giggle.
I could go for some pie. >x>

And yeah, in Second Sight, it's not until John gets psychic powers that he acknowledges that they exist. XP

Actually the pie turned out quite poorly. Crust wasn't very good, Apples were too soggy, I AM DISSAPOINT

just.... yea.

Also, After looking at an entire folder pretty full of Hanna is not a Boys Name fan art, I think I'm willing to admit I might have a problem.

But the first step is ADMITTING you have a problem.
I've been working my hands off the last week or so, and I'm going to keep doing so through the next two weeks, so you probably won't see much of me around here.

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Good luck, Glance.

I finished my first chapter heart heart heart

>>; Wow. One recent artists_beware post makes me glad I left the Webcomics Community forum when I did.

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