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surprised she knows my name...DUN DUN DUNNNN =^. .^= Im ok 3nodding Just watching the reruns of Project Runway, season 1. I never watched it all the way through the first time >_< The avi art in your sig is beautiful by the way o^ ^o
xD Yes, I know your name. I read it on your application. ((I'm...what the hell am I anyways? But anyway, I'm allowed to have a say in whether or not someone is accepted and such.))

xD I love that show! I forget which cycles I watched, recently.. I think the one before the last, and the one before that. I got to the finale on the last one, but then I missed who won. >_<

Thankies! =D Your tail is cool as well. xD Did you make it? Reminds me of Little Mermaid. xD
Yup ^ ^ I made it. Ive made quite a few. The last one was this really cool green vinyl one. The one in the works right now is black and white snakeskin spandex and black oil-slick spandex. Its really cool whee I just finished making a pair of black satin belly dancing harem pants too. I love making costumes!
Wow eek are you sure you're not half fish though? xd
Wow eek are you sure you're not half fish though? xd
Only at heart xd wink
=O Wow.
I can't sew for crap. D:

=O IS THAT AN ACOUSTIC IN THE CORNER?? xDDD ((sorry, I play guitar and am currently obessessed with them and Target. =D))
Im not very good either sweatdrop Most of the stuff make is *really* simple. Im just lucky im good at figuring out how things fit together >_> It definatly comes in handy when you're making something and you have to completely wing the patterns crying Im getting better though ^ ^ The harem pants were definatly a step up from the single-seam two-piece tails, so im learning slowly.
Yup. But I dont play ninja Its my mom's boyfreinds. Target? Like the store xd ?
Name: James C Vaughn, Jvthewanderer


About: I am a Artist/ Colorist /designer that can Color Comic and Draw stuff. I use to be an intern at Antarctic Press. (link) and I what I did there was Lay flats (meaning laying base Color on an object {ex: arm, ball, building, Ect.} If you still don't know what that mean I would Like to use someone Line art so I can show you what I mean.)

Gallery or Example:
As a Colorist:

Here are example on what I color (Note:I didn't draw these, I only colored them just for practice):

This Was Drawn by Cly (http://clysart.sheezyart.com/ ) (http://clysart.deviantart.com/ ) and Gave permission for people to color it.

This was Drawn by Sigel (http://sigel.sheezyart.com/) And was allow by her for people to Color it.

As an Artist:

These are example on my Drawing skills:


If you want to test me on something, send me a pm.

Contact info: Gaia pm would do.
Other: If you like to view more, go here:
No, um, I mean your drawing. Was it finished or were you going to do more to it?

Oh. xD
Yes it was. Couldn't think of more to do with it.
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@JamesCVaughn: That all looks great ^_^ I will send you a couple of test thingies to do.

@Naito: Okay, I'm glad I know that now ^^

@Change_of_Heart_13: Sent you a test to do! But do please stick around and chat, it's always appreciated since most people don't bother.

@Star: Well, you're a vice-captain in the guild for a start. But we really should make you head of something... what about head writer?
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catalytic productions sounds super interesting. surprised *contemplating further interest*
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Friendly Genius

=3 New applicants are always loved! And we have a guild, too, that you can look around and see us 'in action' working on a project.
o_o <---towards almost everything that's been posted since my last post.

@Kyle: xD I woulda never guessed. The tail that was in your sig yesterday seemed a bit hard. and YES! Target, the store. =D Oooh. ((bout the guitar))

@JamesCVaughn: ..... o_o Wow.

@Sleeper: Oh yes. I forgot. xD And =o but there are, like, a bazillion other writers! I don't think it'd be fair unless I was suited for the job. Cos for one, you and Wasted are writers as well. :S

@=Mail Order Ninja Ai=: Hehe, think about it. =D
Of course ill stay around and chat o^ ^o I had a question about the test character stuff o.o Do you want us to do it in traditional manga style or just however we draw?

@Star Dust
Lol no, those things are ungodly easy to make after you've made 3 or 4 and know what you're doing. I could pump out a basic one, right from drawing the outline to adding the final fin-seams, in under an hour (if my sewing machine isnt being a b***h, that is >_> wink . Im more of a wal-mart kid surprised *hides from angry mob*.
=O I'd beat you with a stick. ((about your Wal-Mart thing))
Just kiiiiidding..
=O Damn, that's fast.
Ah, ortho. Have to cut this post short.

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