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lol, I hate cherries, taste-wise anyways, but they can be uber cute as patterns whee
I KNOW!! i think i'm going to put cherries in this girl's hair.
lol, have fun with that. 3nodding I'm gonna hit the hay now, g'night
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Eloquent Explorer

@Emihaumut: That ROCKS!!! Brilliant! And I doubt anyone else would disagree. So you can pretty much assume you're a toner as well, although to make it official the other three hafta agree as well.

@Naito Yuki: Yes, please do apply n_n

Smaples... I've never had regular smores, let alone smaples, but it sounds as it they ought to have maple syrup with them. *drools* Mmm... maple syrup...

@A.D._the_skull-witch: Oooh, you applied?
That's it! we'll stuff the innards of the apple with maple syrup, then melt marshmallows over the apple 3nodding

About the toner thing, cool whee
=O Never had a s'more?!
Go make one in the microwave!
Maybe Caramel Sauce too. xD God, I'm hungry now. D:
Mmhmm, 's fabulous. xD
I think she prolly sent her applaction the mule cos I don't see it here.

and yes i applied ^_^
oh was i supposed to send it to one of you guys?
smapples distracted me again.

I made the best damn batch of cream puffs EVER!!!!!! i'm so proud of myself! lol
Wild black hair... Outrageous pirate outfit...

dunt, dunt, BAM!]-
Emihaumut is stamped good.
Sorry about being gone again.
I'm just so busy over the the summer.
Like, I was at a party last night, going to one tonight, going to a barbecue tomorrow, then a date the next day.
At least I'm having fun, lol.

... Must be Scott.
That's what we have to do! We have to make assorted Smaple flavors xd
We'll start with caramel and Maple syrup, then we'll branch out into all those weird flavors. We'll be like Jellybeans whee
xD We'll become a rich COOKING comic studio. xD
((too bad I can't cook for my life, I burn muffins in the microwave. D' smile )
Lol, have fun, Shinji. ((dammit, you're not Captain Shinji anymore so I can't make sure that I didn't forget an "i".D smile )
You could send it to the mule, or just post it here, A.D. ((Sorry, too lazy to type out your full username.))
xD Oh, and congrats on the cream puffs. ^^
EDIT: I keep on posting in my mule's colour. >_< Annoying the crap outta meh.
rofl We should write about a manga about a store selling smaples xp That'll be hilarious whee
* dances while she waits for for EyeCandy Commissions to pay her*

my boss is lazy...damn you Darren

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