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like the friendly neighborhood spiderman?! biggrin
more like the friendly bumper who likes getting gold for surfing!
O_o We have a bumper?
And they're friendly on top 'a that? ._.
Wow, didn't know that.
how many Apps. did you guys get?
must be a pain to go through them.....i wish my art shop got as much hits...boo
( now the depressed bumper)
stingy gaians and youre " not going to buy art unless there is a discount"...
You know what you can do then? Make the price really high and then discount it to what you would typically charge 3nodding
whee I'll have to talk it over with the other three!
P.S. You guys would be SOOOOO much fun to work with! i hope you like my smaples!!
i mean Samples!

smaples.... i should make that in to a candy bar!

Smores with APPLES!!!!
hmmm... you have to toast it over an open fire in possible commercials xd
would the apples be in the marshmallow? or should we stick them in there after?? decisions decisions.
you know, for some reason, when I read that, I thought you said marshmallows in apples sweatdrop But nevertheless, roast them together twisted
this is making me hungary ...HUNGARY FOR SMAPLES! i'm drawing right know, listening to Imogen Heap. i love her!
now i want to make smaples... But in the mean time, I need to finishe cutting out patterns so I can sew tomorrow sweatdrop
what are you sewing?
boxers mrgreen Superhero themed boxers biggrin

i finished a dress yesterday that had cherries all over it! I lvoe cherries , not so much to eat, BUT THEY'RE JUST SO CUTE!

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