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Which girl was that? Bad memory. xd

I've noticed that about the cash shop. It's ridiculous, do they really need money that badly?
Naito Yuki
Which girl was that? Bad memory. xd

I've noticed that about the cash shop. It's ridiculous, do they really need money that badly?

Yes. Even with all the sponsorships they've been doing, they're still losing money -_- I hate the Cash Shop, but they need it...

Even so, the fact that they made the orphans totally random makes me mad! scream These Adoption Papers are just a OMG Box in disguise.
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How do you know that, Nite? And where does all the money go, for crying out loud?? I know a site as big as Gaia is expensive to maintain, but they get sponsored by every single new film that comes out, it seems, plus MTV (grrrr >< wink , plus all the users who buy Monthly Collectibles and Cash Shop items... I think they're spending money on the wrong things. I used to think the Battle System was a cool idea, but lots of people have said that it'll turn Gaia into an MMORPG and bring even more newbs and n00bs to the site, so now I'm not so sure, because I can see that happening... on the other hand, maybe there'll be a sort of 'n00b drain' on the forums as they all go to play the Battle System mrgreen That'd be good.

I did think it was a bit naff that the orphans are random. You know what that means, though, of course: people who don't get the orphan they want will just have to go back and buy another. rolleyes Or I suppose they could keep buying and selling the adoption papers on the marketplace until they get the right one.

Naito - Lila is Lindsay's sidekick; she used to be catchily known as 'the Love Interest's Best Friend'. She's the wise one who's always giving her advice, except now she's a slut as well ^^
@the money thing: Well... I guess since Gaia's popularity is rapidly growing, they need more money now to maintain... and I suppose a chunk of the money goes to RL. I mean... do the creators even have jobs? They don't need them if all the money from Cash Shop/MC's/sponsorships goes into rent...

@the orphan: That's why I'm not going to risk buying one in the Cash Shop. Maybe I'll buy it in the market...

Huh, I should go to bed... it's 12:10 AM...

I stumbled across your thread. It appears that you need artists.

I'd really like to help your production group out, but I don't know what art style you have agreed upon and therefore don't know if I'll help or hinder you. sweatdrop

I haven't got a good gallery up on my deviantArt yet due to my scanner getting fixed just today and the fact that I haven't really drawn anything gallery-worthy in a while (I hate thee, school). In any event, I'm a better writer than I am artist, but I'd like to help you out in any way I can. ^^

--Even if you just need a cheerleader to annoy you and make you imaginary cookies, I could help with that. 4laugh

--I'll fill out a proper form if you'd like me to, as well. I didn't want to apply for a position that wouldn't work out; it would be complete and utter waste of time, yeah?

Thanks for your time!
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Hey, ninee. Thanks for posting :3

We like any and all styles here, so you don't need to worry about not fitting in with our 'chosen style', because there isn't one xD

If your main strength is writing, you can apply for that by all means; since our recent appeal for artists, they now outnumber the writers! But we do still need some artist-type positions, so you can apply for an art position as well. Lots of our members here hold multiple positions.

And lastly... I want an imaginary cookie! =D
Will a digital cookie do?
User Image
Hello Ninee...lol, I was thinking that we had a lot of artists.
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Yes it will! =D *grabs and scoffs...then chokes*

*cough* *cough* Yes... we do.... *wheeze* but then, the more the merrier... *gasp* *eyes water* Besides which, there are always some who hardly participate, so the number is really less than it appears...
Aight, so I tried making a concrete-poem cookie, but Gaia's post formatting doesn't like it at all and made it look like a blob. (I blame color tags.) SO! Here is a truly imaginary cookie. #presents it on a silk pillow with tassels and a glass of imaginary milk#

Again, I'll help with whatever needs helping with. The extent of my human-drawing abilities is...well, let's just say I'm REALLY GOOD at stick-figures. sweatdrop I tried drawing landscapes and objects today, and it was slightly better, but not by a whole lot. (If I had a ruler and some more time, maybe the perspective would be a bit better, but regardless, it's not all that great.)

My strength really does lie in writing, and I will be applying for a writing position of some sort in the near future. (Literally interpreted, "near future" means when I get done with the play I'm in and when I put a good portfolio onto my DA.)

Thanks for all of your help! 4laugh
You realize a single cookie and a single glass of milk could lead to a little supply-and-demand struggle...

What kind of cookie is it?
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I forgot to tell you guys about the SAT. It was like stealing candy from babies; awkward and easy at the same time. ninja
What a nice simile, lol. I've never taken the SAT, only the ACT. My friends took it though.
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How was it awkward?

And since no-one's taken Ninee's cookie yet... *steals and eats*

Astarael - Rawr to you too =3

-arm flail-
Hey everyone~!
What's up..?

-shrinks in corner-
Sorry for not being here again.
Majorly busy academic/theatrical/social life.


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