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Hello, and welcome to Catalytic Productions! Feel free to take a look around.

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Who Are We?

Catalytic Productions, formerly Wired² Productions, is an up-and-coming comic studio. It was founded in January 2007 by -Linnie Chan-, and official ownership passed over to enchantedsleeper (in a manner of speaking) in April 2007. We're currently working on several different comics, the first of which (Domino Disaster) is being published in Gaia-zine from the end of September! The other comics will also be available shortly on our newly-renovated website!


Project Status + Announcements
Thread Rules
Links, Banners + Affiliates
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Below is a list of our current projects and their statuses.

        Title: Domino Disaster
        Genre: Comedy/Parody
        Subject Matter: Dominoes :3
        Status:Currently being published in My Gaia magazine. Check out the first couple pages in Issue 2!

        Title: Untitled (Working title: 'Trapped Inside a Novel')
        Genre: Mostly cyberpunk
        Subject Matter: A girl is trapped inside her own novel by her own characters, unable to get out until she finds the inspiration she needs as a writer.
        Status: Formulating plot and writing scripts.

        Title: Checkmate
        Genre: Fantasy
        Subject Matter: Life on a chessboard is pretty black-and-white, but what happens when a Grey piece comes along?
        Status: Pencilling, inking and reworking sections of storyboard.

        Title: Lola
        Genre: Psychological ******** ;D
        Subject Matter: An innocent friendship between two girls begins to turn into something more sinister. Which one of them is real?
        Status: Undergoing another round of edits on the script.

        Title: Butterfly's Delight
        Genre: Thriller (with a bit of ********?)
        Subject Matter: ...I'm not actually sure. An evil killer butterfly? Just go with it, it's good.
        Status: Artist needed!

        Title: Super One-Shot Scripts
        Genre: Various, mostly humour.
        Subject Matter: The inanities of everyday life, both on- and off-line.
        Status: Searching for an artist with a good simplified style willing to draw some short, humorous gag strips. Interested? Let us know!


Significant events or information; maybe contest announcements at a later date.

6/1/12 - Catalytic Productions is celebrating its 5th anniversary!

19/9/11 - Our comic Domino Disaster has started publication with Gaia-zine. Read it in Issue 2.

29/8/11 - Catalytic Productions has officially partnered with online magazine Gaia-zine in order to print one of our comics in their 'zine. The first installment will be published in their second issue on 20th September!

20/7/11 - WE REACHED 5,000 POSTS! Thanks for chatting, everyone! XD

25/12/09 - Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks to Emi for the awesome front-page art and banners!

9/4/09 - The script for our first comic is officially complete!

30/3/09 - Happy Massive Clearout Day XD Let's try and get our first comic finished!

6/1/09 - The studio is celebrating its 2nd anniversary! Also, Happy 2009 everyone~

25/12/08 - Wishing everyone at CP a very Merry Christmas! Let's get those Secret Santa gifts bought/made and delivered!

4/5/08 - The guild has reached 1,000 posts! Once again, thanks to everyone who's contributed. C:

30/3/08 - Our first comic page is officially complete! Thanks to everyone who's worked on that; you can all give yourselves a pat on the back :3

24/2/08 - We've reached page 100! Many thanks to all who contributed =D

6/1/08 - Catalytic Productions celebrates its first anniversary! : D Happy Birthday, CP!

25/12/07 - Merry Christmas to everyone at CP!! : D

11/11/07 - Catalytic Productions is still alive, and I'm going to do my best to get it back on its feet. (And it's Remembrance Day xD Well, here at least) Thanks to all who hung around; if you hadn't, I wouldn't be bothering to type this right now.

19/6/07 - The thread is officially open!!
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These are the thread rules. Obey them or we will kick you out!

    arrow At all times, obey Gaia's TOS. That goes without saying.

    arrow No flaming, spamming, harrassing other users, or acting huffy if you don't get accepted into the studio.

    arrow enchantedsleeper and Emihaumut are the proverbial chiefs of this thread and of the studio in general (everyone else being indians x3), so they have the right to enforce the rules and kick people out if they disobey them.

    arrow Both of the above users have access to this account (Catalytic Productions), so this account also has the right to enforce rules. Anyone breaking the rules or acting out of order should be reported to this account via PM (although if they're harrassing you over PMs, we can't do anything in case you're making it up).

    arrow Don't pester us if we take a while getting back to you about your application (though a tactful reminder is fine); we have a lot to go through and some may require more discussion than others.

    arrow We would prefer it if you posed queries in this thread or PMed them to this account, rather than PMing any specific users.

    arrow Be polite, be respectful, and above all, have fun!
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These are the positions we have at Catalytic Productions; however, some we are more keen to have than others. So if you want to earn some serious brownie points, pick a position we're in need of!

CHARACTER DESIGNER - FULL Like the job title implies, a character designer will design the most important characters for a comic and the outfits they wear. We've recently merged the Character Artist and Costume Designer positions together, so now, anyone who applies to this position will be expected to have both costume-drawing and character-drawing skills. You will need to be able to competently draw characters of both genders; a variety of races, statures, body types; and of course, costumes of all sorts. We've got a few applicants lined up for this position, so we're not accepting any more for the moment.

COLOURIST - NETURAL We don't currently have a huge amount of colouring work that needs doing, but there are a few projects which will need colourists in the near future if we can find artists for them. These include our One-Shot Gag Strips and our short comic Butterfly's Delight (see below). If you apply for this position, be prepared to wait a while before you get anything to do x3

COMIC ARTIST - NEEDED! At the moment we most need an artist for our short ten-page comic Butterfly's Delight. The comic is rather sinister, so we need someone whose style will fit the subject matter. The completed comic will hopefully be featured in the annual Hallowe'en comics collection Hallowscream! In general terms, we're also looking for any artists of decent skill to draw some short comics of around 10-20 pages, and also some humorous gag strips of a few panels. We love to see comics drawn in a variety of styles, so the more unique your style is, the better!

EDITOR - WANTED! These are people who will look over the comic scripts and un-inked pages, and critique things like flow, pacing, dialogue, panel layout, speech bubble placing, grammar errors, and more - anything that you think needs improvement. Applicants for this position will need to know what they're talking about, so you will have to have read a lot of comics of different kinds, preferably have drawn/contributed to at least one yourself, and have solid English skills.

LETTERIST - FULL Couldn't be simpler: the person in charge of the lettering for each comic. A letterist would need to have access to various fonts and be able to decide which is the most appropriate for sound effects, headings, dialogue and so on, bearing in mind the genre of the comic. Letterists also need to be able to draw speech bubbles and decide on the best placing for them.

TONER - NEEDED! No, not the stuff you put in your photocopier. A toner (and I'm not even sure if that's the name for it, but that's what we've named it) is someone who does shading, shadowing and/or screentoning on the comic, and basically turns it into a polished final version. Bonus points if you can do inking as well. We are currently in dire need of someone to do screentones for our main project, Domino Disaster. Please apply within!!

WEBSITE DESIGNER - WANTED! We are currently on the lookout for a creative someone who can help design us a new site. Ask in the thread for details :3

WRITER - FULL! A writer is someone who writes up a script for the artists to draw, either based on their own idea or by developing one that has been suggested by another member of the studio. For the moment we're closing this position as we have quite a few writers working on projects - but no artists to draw them!
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If you've got this far and intend to apply, here are a few quiz questions for you to answer (just in your head, no need to actually write them down) before you go any further.

1. Have you browsed the rest of the forum to see if there are any other projects you might want to be involved in? Or considered whether you might prefer simply collaborating with an artist/writer instead of joining a studio? (Not to dissuade people from joining the studio, but it's much better that you consider this first instead of applying and then deciding that you'd rather do a collab project. It has happened, and it's annoying.)

2. Are you prepared to dedicate free time to the studio, perhaps above any other personal projects you might have? Obviously RL commitments like school and work always take priority over internet, but if you've got five other projects going on which you would prioritise over studio work, meaning that it might be ages before you get anything for the studio done, this isn't for you.

3. Are you capable of taking the initiative to see, or ask, what needs doing around the studio and do it, instead of waiting to be told or nagged? (You'd be amazed at how many people lack this quality.)

4. Are you prepared to spend some time just chatting in the recruitment thread (that's this) or guild, getting to know the members and helping to keep the thread alive, and generally being active in the studio outside of just comics? (That means taking part in things like anniversary celebrations or Christmas events).

If the answer to all of the above questions is 'yes', then please go right ahead and fill in the form below. ^^ Otherwise, you should reconsider applying to the studio because this is what we expect of our members.

Application Form

Please use the following form to apply, and either PM it to this account or post it here.

(Make sure to delete everything within the brackets before submitting the form).

Name: (Real name, username, nickname, we're not fussy. Whatever you want to be called. Though nothing along the lines of Lord and Master or anything, because we still pwn you x3)

Position you would like to request: (Positions are listed on the front page. Make sure you read the whole of the front page to find out what positions are open before you fill this in. Otherwise you may just get ignored ^^)

About: (Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been writing/drawing/making websites? What kinds of comics, if any, do you like to read? What makes you want to apply here? Stuff like that.)

Gallery or Example: (Whatever you need to show us to show that you can do your requested position well. For example, a DA account, a fanfiction.net account, a website you designed. If we like what we see, we will ask you to produce a more specific example, e.g. a comic script, or some character art using a description we give you).

N.B.: PLEASE DO NOT POST ACTUAL IMAGES IN THE THREAD! Have some consideration for those with slower computers and link to them!!

Contact info: (Your preferred and most reliable method(s) of contact. We will work with anything from dA note to Skype, but you must give us an email address along with these. It's proven to be the best way of contacting people in the past, and it's useful for other things like our blog and Project Manager. So list whatever methods of contact you like here, but an email address must be amongst them.)

Other: (Whatever other random stuff you feel like adding ^^)

    .: Pending :.

    -Comic Artist: Sweet Dreams La-La
    -Colourist: Sweet Dreams La-La
    -Toner: Sweet Dreams La-La
    -Website Designer:
    -Character Designer:

    .:Accepted:. (Strikethrough means the user has been inactive for some time and may be removed from the studio; Italics means they are currently on hiatus for a valid reason)

    -Secretary: Emihaumut
    -Comic Artist: Emihaumut, Z o k u R u m b a, mizueyes777, Jiigoku, xX_Terei_Xx
    -Writer: enchantedsleeper, GrimBen, The-QuEEny-NErD, The Rejected Punk
    -Editor: Emihaumut, Roufette, Whitemercury, Jiigoku
    -Colourist: Emihaumut, Jiigoku
    -Toner: BlueRosiC2
    -Character Designer: Emihaumut, Z o k u R u m b a, chainsawmascara
    -Letterist: Emihaumut, YdAo
    -Website Designer: Emihaumut, Z o k u R u m b a
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The code for this thread, should you wish to link to us.

The Catalytic Productions Guild
To be a member of the guild and thus allowed to post, you need to be a member of the studio.

Wired² Productions
Our old recruitment thread, from back when we were Wired² Productions. Ah, the history.


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Banner by Captain Shinji (Remade by Emihaumut)


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Banner by Celeste Gray


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Banner by Celeste Gray


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Banner by Indigo Eye Graphics


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Banner by Naito Yuki



If anyone would like to be affiliated with us, go ahead and ask :3
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Uh... random stuff that doesn't go anywhere else.

Any and all Donations, whether they're gold, banners, or clothes for our mule, are appreciated, and donators will be thanked in this post.


    [Star Dust] - 5.5k + Various Items
    White_ribbons_and_gothica - Various Items
    Just Sing Your Heart Song - 1.3k + Various Items
    Captain Shinji - 0.5k and an awesome banner :3
    wasted_dawn - 2k
    GrimBen - 2k and a CHYAKU NORISU SCARF!! eek (Special thanks to him for enabling us to complete our guild quest ^^) Edit: And 850g to the guild :3
    -Linnie Chan- - 63k eek
    zankaaz - 900g to the guild :3

Special thanks also goes to Emihaumut for coming up with our new name, and designing the mule account's current outift :3
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