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So... was I accepted? confused
I think you're going to have to wait for them to sift through a bunch more applications before you'll find out sweatdrop
Ya know, I don't remember. ^^;;
=O Sleeper's back!
This thread was like dead for a week or something. D:
[Star Dust]
@Psycho:O_o We haven't been running three years.
not even a year. We've only been around here by January or April, whichever one you wanna count from.

Sorry I write strange, I ment I'd been running for three years not you guys (and considering what I've gotten done in three years my skills are a lie but I can tell you what not to do at least)
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Friendly Genius

So... was I accepted? confused

Since we haven't tested you yet, we don't know ourselves! Sorry for the delay in sending over the test; I was pretty much hoping that we'd get another character description from a wannabe-designer to send you, but we haven't had anything recently, so I'll just reuse an old one.

By the way, I've added a bunch more script, that I wrote while I was in Italy, to the first post of the Writer's thread in the Domino Project subforum of the guild. (That's a mouthful to say out loud xD) I'd love it if you guys could tell me what you think in the chat thread (which needs a new lease of life) - and that means everyone, not just writers. All opinions are valued greatly!
@Psycho: Ah.
@Sleeper in the mule: Haha, I read that in the private thread, I just haven't gotten around to looking at it. I'll do it tomorrow, I think I'm gonna head to bed. ._.
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Eloquent Explorer

D: This place is so dead. Where the FORK is everyone?!
D: This place is so dead. Where the FORK is everyone?!

Maybe busy? Or just lurking around without posting..?
I've been lurking too 3nodding no, I'm just waiting for something interemesting to happen
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Eloquent Explorer

Okie, that's good to know ^^ I want to add some more threads to the Domino Project subforum in the guild, but we don't really have enough people to make them worthwhile, nor enough of the plot decided to be able to move into other areas. At the moment we're just voting on ideas in the writer's thread using the poll, so anyone can come along and click (it would help a lot!) and get some extra gold in doing so.
Miss me?
Of course you would, if you knew who's mule/main I am. :]
None other than [Star Dust]'s. Anyways.
I got busy man.
Fam issues. >_>
But um yah. I didn't forget. :]
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Eloquent Explorer

Ah, great! Hi!! How comes you're using a mule and not your main? Eh, anyway, yes we missed you. Welcome back!
Hehe hiya~
I'm not using it cos I don't like it anymore. xD
I'll use it later on again later.
=D Thanks. >w<
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Eloquent Explorer

x3 Don't suppose you fancy visiting the Other Thread?

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