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(Sorry if that's not what those are actually called.)

You know how a lot of books/comics have something like a short summary of what the series is about on the back of them? What would yours be? Please let me know. :3

*Is still trying to think of his >_<*
Since I don't actually do the bulk of the writing on my own series, I didn't write my cover synopsis, either... my writer put this together for me, and it was used on the chapter 1 book as well as the upcoming volume 1 book.

All legends start from the simplest beginnings…

And this one's no exception. A mysterious woman desperately seeks help for her imprisoned friend. A mercenary and urban legend looks to find his redemption. Together they will begin a journey that will take them from the scientific to the arcane. A journey that will uncover a conspiracy that threatens to destroy their home. A journey that will take them to the deadliest place in space. Welcome to the Red Zone, where no one is safe, anyone can be bought, and salvation comes from somewhere you least expect: the dead.

It ties back nicely into my tagline for the comic, which is "Their last hope is already dead." I hope both give a little taste of what the story's about... both have drawn attention at conventions, so they seem to work.
It's really best to write the back summary for a book after the book has been finished. Before you finish your whole book, you should write what's called a log line, a one- or two-sentence description of your series. The log line for my new project is: "Fifty years in the future, elderly nerds work at a government-run senior work center and forcibly carve out a place in a world where they are no longer even ironically cool."

It's good to be able to distill your comic's plot down, but shorter is better when you're trying to get people to read it.
Kiki is a nineteen year old girl who suffers from a disease doctos have no cure for. Since her disease is so rare she tries to escape the grasps of her overprotective father to live the rest of her life the best she can. After finding the love her life, her past starts to lurk up behind her and clash with the new difficulties that await. Not only dealing with the consequences she puts out for herself, but the consequences her past life did as well. Can Kiki overcome lifes difficulties and her own internal sturggle or fall into the tracks already set in line for her? In a situation already set for failure, things get hectic as her and her lover try to battle out fate in this series of Kiki and the Light.

I can totally write plastic covered s**t annnyyttiime I want too~ *w*
I don't have anything to have a blurb for, but if I did they would be like these (ideas I have):


There once was a girl who had nothing and lost even more. Worshipped as a hero she runs from a bloody past until she meets a genius child who was everything she had wanted to be. She has one more chance to save the world before her time runs out...

That sounds gay. The story is actually better then that I swear. How about this one:

In the beginning four gods created the world and all that lived upon it and there was peace. Than they gave the gift of technology and a war broke out on a scale no-one imagined. They blamed the gods, and the gods bowed down and left the world, giving up everything and were never seen again, until now.

Still sounds gay sweatdrop
oh well
Well, I think mine would be something along the lines of...

"Dear Journal,

Today I stepped onto a school bus made of chocolate, and all of my classmates seemed awfully happy to see me. I looked out the windows and the houses seem to be made of gingerbread, with brightly colored flowers growing everywhere. The sky is a lovely shade of blue, and the goddamn sun won't stop smiling at me. Dear Journal, today is just one of those days."

Or something to that effect.
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In a world gone mad one man has the courage to be stalked by a ghost with personal space issues.

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My DeviantART Page!

Well, I do agree with what LeslieLark said about writing the "back summary" AFTER your comic is completed, but nonetheless I have written a generalized one that, for now, simply serves as a basic synopsis for the story as a whole. It presents the basic idea behind it. The blurb I wrote was written before I started the comic, so some of my ideas might have changed a bit since then.

The story is called "A Soldier and His Maus: A Tale of Courage and Virtue in World War II Europe" (that latter part would be the subtitle)

When Erich Brandt, a young German soldier in the Wehrmacht Heer, rescues an orphaned field mouse on the Eastern Front, he knows not of the changes his life is about to experience. He gives the mouse the name of “Blitzen”, and the two find themselves in a battle of life and death as the War rages on around them in full force. With the Red Army threatening them from the outside, ideological extremists and fellow soldiers threaten from within the ranks. Between these two, Erich is forced to decide where his beliefs and allegiances lie, and the line between who is friend and who is foe becomes irreversibly blurred, and the stakes are raised to a level never before seen. It is only thanks to the presence of a small field mouse named Blitzen that Erich can see the war torn world through eyes unclouded and may possess the courage to decide his life for himself.

And if it turns out that my comic would be long enough to be broken up into individual volumes, I could then think of synopses for each one. smile

_____ is the last of the ________s. S/he discovers his/her magical powers that were dormant until a mysterious villain attacked him/her. ________ now has to use his/her magical powers to save ________ from the evil _______.


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