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Hello there!

I'm looking for artists to help me create an idea I've been working on for a while into reality.

I am aiming, with your help, to create a multiple chaptered story based upon the Nonary game, as well as taking influence from other aspects of different things as well. The story itself will consist of about twelve characters who are trying to escape with their lives through undergoing potentially life-threatening challenges and puzzles and escaping the prison they have been forced into by an unknown captor. However, each of these seemingly unlucky people have a past, some darker than others.

As an artist you also have a valuable opinion within the story part of the visual novel/comic, being as you will be the first person reading it and bringing painting words as pictures.

If you are interested I would like a sample, please, if it wouldn't be too much hassle. As an example I would love to see an example of character concepts, layouts, comic design or just any particular piece of work you think would be effective in this piece of work.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you all soon.
I'd be interested! ^^ Sounds like fun, and I myself have been wanting to do something of the nature as well for some time.

Here's the link to my DA, where you can see a vast majority of my works! I have different coloring styles, so I'm pretty versatile to color to your fancy.


I figure you can skim through there, to see much of the things I've done as of late, and some in the past. If anything suits your fancy, feel free to give me a pm!

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