Hey there, I'm one half of a budding comic collective called IMoG comics. More specifically, I write all the words and put together storyboards.

Some of my favorite genres are sci-fantasy and horror. But lately, my efforts have been more on the horror side. (We recently busted our butts to turn out a couple of stories for the Sleep of Reason contest last month.) I have a soft-spot for slice-of-life work, and I'd be really interested in working on a non-rom/com piece if a good idea came up. And, not to saturate the paragraph but, I do have a mild-cyberpunk piece in the fridge, waiting for use.

I have a decent amount of experience with writing shorter, contained one shots in the 12-15pg range. You can take a look at my writing at our DeviantArt. I have a finished short you can take a look at, if the sample chapters there peak your interest, but I can't post it on the DA since we're currently shopping it around.

First priority, I'd be looking to write a brand-new short for you to practice with. Shared rights, etc, etc, and we can just have some fun with it/use it for promotion. So, If you're interested, get in touch. I'll check back here or you can inbox me for an email address if you'd like.

Oh, one last thing, I use standard(ish) screenplay formatting for my comic scripts, since I tend to, also, do the storyboards. I can help ease the burden (and lower flake possibility) by taking care of them. There are samples of that, too, on the DA.