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..How do I really advertise this?

I've come to a conclusion as of late I'd like to up my continuous doodling by starting up a Webcomic. I'd like to take position as the Artist/Inker/Colorist and have another aid in a story/the writing and what.
Here are a few of my samples for show:
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

My one condition for this collaboration is that I will NOT draw strictly for another person's pleasure.
As in: I will not draw just for YOUR characters and YOUR idea's, I would like the liberty to bring in my OWN characters and idea's, and we can mash them as that.
Not to be confused with me wanting to run the whole thing, oh no, I would just appreciate the freedom to also use my own creations in the story... but yeah. I have no idea how else to post this.

ANYWAYS, I GUESS. If my art is up to par with any seeking Writer's idea's, toss them my way. I'd only ask for a little lenience in the idea's and creation, but mostly I'll let you design the pages/strips and how you want to organize the chronicles. I'd really just like to draw something continuous for a change. Blah.

Guess that's all I need to put here? Uh, besides the fact I LOVE FANTASY and the what, and suck at drawing guns. Would be willing to work on guys though. So yeah. Shoot me up Gaians. Fill my creative void!
You asked how to represent yourself. I think you should paste up some samples of some comics ( even silly non professional ones, if you're skilled it'll come through) instead of pin ups. Comic creation is a separate skill and being good at drawing does not necessarily mean being good at drawing comics.

Additionally,it helps if you put more exacting limits on what you are willing to do. It seems counter intuitive, but this forum sees many people come through looking for collabs. And for most of those people the details of their request are more or less the same- incredibly vague and somewhat naive in how much work needs to be done.

There is nothing wrong with being inexperienced, we all have to start somewhere. But it is important that you put your best foot forward when teaming up. You had the right idea posting samples, but create a couple for the purposes of comic creation. Also, vary up the sort of images you're showing. I see that you are drawing lots of women in static poses, but can you draw backgrounds, casual interactions, cars and whatnot?

Start by asking for small projects. Don't go overboard, because you need to practice making shorter complete works before you commit to someone's longer ones. I would say that you should be looking for projects that are ideally no more than fifty pages, since you're so inexperienced with comic making
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I have a script for a magical girl comic taking place in a huanted boarding school. the first chapter is 25 pages. I have no problem working in your characters and ideas.

By the way, when you say fantasy, do you mean high fantasy or fantasy in general? And how do you feel about humor, horror and a more or less modern setting?
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Hell Mistress

We have the start of a script that we would like to illustrate. If you're interested in helping us out please PM me

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