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~ Yeah the title says it all ~
~ I recently finished my latest manga I'd been drawing ( a short one for fun)~
~I'm looking for a new manga to draw ? I have no social life so I have allot of spare time~
~ Most of you are going to be like " Sample's?" I simply don't like posting my art online unless necessary ~
~ I'll most likely be posting the manga in a private folder that you (the writer) and I can only get into ~
(photobucket) ~you can do what ever you wish with it once its done~
~Once I'm into the manga I'm committed c: so I won't leave your side biggrin !~
~ Lastly I don't expect to get payed for this . so you don't HAVE to pay me ~

p.s : If you do really want a sample that badly I'll draw you a page . just post a script with setting and all that stuff.

Michelle diana -panda-
~ Most of you are going to be like " Sample's?" I simply don't like posting my art online unless necessary ~
For your own benefit, get in the habit of considering it necessary to keep some art samples available online. If you're even moderately decent at drawing comics, it'll bring you better writers who wouldn't take you seriously otherwise. It'll also let writers know at a glance if you fit the style they're looking for.

BTW, if you don't like posting your art online, what's the writer supposed to get out of a collab with you?

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I understand that you wouldn't want to post your samples online, due to all kinds of problems. But if you're going to be offering your artistic services to a group of people, it then becomes necessary to have at least one or two that you can show people. That way they will know instantly whether or not you're worth the time and effort it will take for them to message and organise things with you.
You could probably just stick a watermark onto it if you don't want anyone to steal it, like your username text over the picture.
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Yes, most writers will not bother to ask you for a sample, even if they are interested, because it will take more time to ask, wait for a response, and study the sample, than they care to spend, as a rule of thumb.
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Well I'm interested, however I dont have any finished work.
Do you have any links?
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You want work? I've got it for you! I have the script for the first issue all written up in my journal. Here's the link: http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/?mode=view&post_id=32123551&u=27674595
If you like what you read, PM me and we'll see what happens.
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I'm actually a writer looking for an artist.
for details, check out MY THREAD
I know other writers already posted but if I could still get some sample from you I would definitely be interested.
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Ah. If only I had some finished work... but, seriously, you need samples, though I understand why you may not want post any. Instead of original artwork, maybe you could try fan art. And tag them.

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