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Hello, so before we get down to business let me explain a bit about my project, my goal, and myself, not in that order however.

My first name is James and I am a Film Graduate of the very prestige's University of Full Sail University. I have Written a few scripts here and there. I've worked on many projects in many positions. However when it comes to Drawing i have what most people would call... A SERIOUS PROBLEM, unfortunately my hands dont work normally like others, Not in a 'omg i cant do anything' but more of i hold things awkwardly, have issues using my hands to grab things and have many issues trying to write without shaking or not being able to make a line or circle, straight or round, possible.

Where i fail in drawing i succeed in writing, i pride myself on a good script with a relatable story and characters while providing a moral, a progression, and a path for everything having rhyme and reason as much as possible. Now we can get into the business part a little.

For the last year i've been working on a script, rewritten a few times to get it right, or as flawless as possible while still telling the story i want. Now i LOVE anime and Manga, and i love the style because it makes me feel wonderful.

The idea of this project is an 8 episode Manga/Animation of sorts, I'm making it more like a classic japanese game where you have the Sprit movement screen and a Still Image Conversation part when the Main Character Interacts with someone in the episode. Now of course this isn't a game, its a Story Animation. I plan on doing 8-12 Episodes for a Season but i have written a 2 part pilot to get a 'Test Audience' to find if i can Produce a great story that will cause the audience to leave wanting more and talking about it 'round the water cooler' if you will.

I've written the first half and currently writing the 2nd and so far my Critiques have been well and im wanting to start on the next phase which is finding a Artist. This artist must have his/her own style of drawing, be able to be PROFESSIONAL and ON-TIME. I need someone I can trust and make sure that the work on their end gets done on production time.

Now im sure your wondering if this is paid or not, Well due to Gaia's TOS i can't legitimately say. HOWEVER the pilot is the first thing i need to find an artist to do and if the Show takes off there is a likely chance of compensation to be discussed.

Again Compensation can be Discussed AFTER the pilot is produced and if it is a Success to a Audience and the Requirements are met.

anyway the Requirements will be posted below.

So heres the Review for those of you who skimmed.

Artist Needed for Manga/Animation (animation is not the Artist responsibility)
Must Be able to be Professional and On Time, I am a serious producer look for the best of the best workers who can work with me without incident. (of course besides the human error at times)
Possible but not confirmed Compensation. Those who are asked for a 2nd Interview will find out more.


1. Must be 18 + (sorry, theres no such thing as a bad artist or being to young but for Security reasons of compensation i cant hire minors for this job)
2. You have to have a Portfolio (2 Professional Photo at the Least) of your work.I need to see your style. The more the better off you'll be.
3. Someone who is willing to work for Free for the Pilot Episodes (2). I ill compensate if this Series turns out to be Popular enough to gain a respectable Fandom who is willing to donate money until a Partner is willing to pay for the show itself. Power of the people.
4. I need Full Sized, Full Colored (shading and highlighting) characters, The character needs to have emotion in his face, and his look will reflect that to.
5. If you can do backgrounds i am also looking for you, i need original art and backgrounds, while easy to obtain for me, is more respectful if i can get someone to design a room, a environment, and a background/foreground.

Those are the Basics if you have questions please Message me further under the title
~Artist Reply~ or ~Artist Questions~

Again please have a Sample of your work, the more professional you are the better your chances.
this is going to take time for me to reply as i only come on once per day and this is not my only posting. Please make sure you reply with the title above ~Artist Reply~

Thank you for your time.
I was turned away from the offer at first because of the lack of compensation, however, you appear to have a professional air about you, which has drawn me back in. I am a very busy person who already has a full time job, is a full time student, and am already working on a manga project of my own.
However, I also like to expand my network, so I will take this gamble, and I do hope for some sort of compensation at the end of this, though, I know that it is a tricky business, the comic/anime/manga/animation/game design industry, so it's always good to have a large network of people.

Here are my links/portfolios:

My Webcomic
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

My Tumblr/Traditional Art
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

My DeviantArt
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Do note that I don't really use my deviantArt account for much but to follow other artists and get some ideas/inspiration.So I wouldn't count it as much of a dependable source for my portfolio. If you had any other questions or concerns. or would like to discuss a partnership further. Feel free to contact me at my email address, HanoMayonaka@gmail.com I would also love to see some samples of your writing as well, to see what I will be working with.
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I'm currently an undergraduate fine art student. My major is Visual Communications (which is just a fancy way of saying Graphic Design) I plan to be an illustrator when I graduate.

I'm very skilled at drawing to the point where I can draw from life with photo accuracy. I do however draw in other styles and have my own anime style as well as my own simpler cartoon style.

Here is a link to my Deviant Art gallery where you can see examples of the two latter styles.


When looking at the gallery please take time to look at the folders on the left hand side. I tend to over organize my work. I would hate for you to miss some good examples.

Thanks for the consideration. If you have any questions you can PM me
"Again Compensation can be Discussed AFTER the pilot is produced and if it is a Success to a Audience and the Requirements are met."

This is very tricky and sad.
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"Again Compensation can be Discussed AFTER the pilot is produced and if it is a Success to a Audience and the Requirements are met."

This is very tricky and sad.

He's asking a little much, in return for "possible maybe probably not" compensation.
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~Artist Reply~

Hi, there,

I am interested, but I do have one condition.

Regardless of your monetary compensation to the artist or future promises to the artist, if you are interested in having me on board as the artist (I can do characters and backgrounds just fine), then I would require that you write and sign a contract of agreement (I will sign it, too, of course) before any work is done. This contract should cover artist rights to clarify my rights to the artwork, should your series fail to garner the responses that you seek.

Of course, if your contract leaves me in a bind, then I will assuredly keep away from your project. We can always discuss what should go in that contract before signing it.

Whether or not you're interested, I would appreciate a response.


~ inashosetai

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