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NightKids: A Dramatic Graphic Novel about Trauma and Transcendence.

i draw half american -half manga hybrid, that i think is unique to me. i used non-photo blue pencil and pencil to draw it. than i trace it with micons and FW ink, and i watercolor it, which is hard but fun, and well worth it. i than put them together in photoshop, add the words and publish.

i think i've talked about it before on this thread i think, but now i have changed where its hosted from DevArt to smackjeeves, as i don't think DevArt is very comic friendly.
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Oh this old thing? Had it for years.
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Two web-comics in progress : Otaku Love and Love Detective

Both done traditional and edited digitally!


I would add a button but I haven't made one yet and I don't know how to add it to my signature! sweatdrop
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idk question
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I've made my own manga but I never submitted it though I made 2 volumes.
I am currently working on a graphic novel. It's a big project that will probably take me a good while to finish. The script is completed and I'm currently working on thumbnails.
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I started brainstorming my comic project around this time last year, and I'm really glad I actually did it. I've got a long way to go - there's obviously issues with the art and it's going a bit slow - but I see some improvement and I hope I'll keep improving as time goes on. People in this forum gave me the guts to actually start it. So thanks!
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-hides behind a tree- I'm pretty good at drawing traditionally but am okay when drawing with my tablet. I could use some more work on drawing people...

As for manga, I'm starting one that's going by the plot of one of my guilds. xD A lot of my guild members encouraged me to start up an official guild manga, so that's how I ended up getting pushed into the lake of creating a manga. c: I have to get an art program besides my Paint though, if I'm actually going to make the manga I'm starting look nice.
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Im actually working on a long doujinshi, a one shot doujinshi, a collaboration oneshot, my original comic, and still another oneshot all at once. I try to work on each one a little bit every week.)

I personally try to update the long doujinshi and my original on a weekly basis. I sketch and ink on paper, then scan it in to tone digitally. I draw my speech bubbles by hand on paper, but I letter digitally as well. I tried doing digital inking, but I dont like the look of it as much so I switched over to traditional. Except for color. Color, I prefer digital inking.)

I also storyboard on paper.

And smackjeeves is pretty nice. Theres some customization available and makes it easier to find your comic.

Awesome! Yeah, I do that too sketch/ink traditionally, digitally tone). Some dialogue bubbles I do by hand, spiky ones I do digitally.

Got any examples to show off?

Yeah. My signature has a link to my smackjeeves comic. And my profile has links in it too.

Oh nice! I like the effects you use. It's really natural, manga-wise. 8]

Thanks. I use MangaStudio Debut to tone. Which is probably a large part of why it looks so natural. Plus, I like to look through my hundred or so manga volumes for ideas when I'm stuck as to what I want to do in the panel or just can't figure out how to get it to look that way.
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wink mez make comic's....but some people confuse my art for anime or cartoony
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What do you guys use for digital inking? I just want something that is less bloated than Photoshop. Any ideas?

e: I should mention that I don't like stabilizers.
I'm planning C: On two series, actually. The first one is an idea I just recycled from 2 years ago, just edited it...a lot. The second one just popped. I don't know how I got the idea. But the plot is epic, as my cousin said. I'm just gonna make my drawings neater and nicer, first. Probably gonna start it, 2 years from now.
What do you guys use for digital inking? I just want something that is less bloated than Photoshop. Any ideas?

e: I should mention that I don't like stabilizers.

I do my digital inking in Painter Classic. It came with my tablet, I tried it out, and ended up loving it. It has a nice variety of brushes and effects, without being too over the top. It's brushes are designed to imitate natural media, and I think that it does a decent job with that (not prefect, but good) All in all, I really like the program.

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