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Hi, I'm new... Ish, I started back up again after completely forgetting. So kinda like a nice On again and Off again Friend with Benefits... in a sense...


My brother and I were joking around the other day and considered an Idea for a Comic, we both Bartender/Serve at a restaurant where we live and calling each other Barman and Shots boy.
(Kinda of a Batman and Robin Reference but Its the fun that counts)
Thinking of neat things like Bottle Opener Grappling Hooks, Bottle Cap Shurkiens, that kind of stuff smile

Also some of our mortal enemies would consist of "TheUndertipper", "Sober Jack", "Spill Monster" and Our Nemesis, "Last Call"!!

So I'm just posting up here for some opinions, Suggestions, Ideas, Haters, and General... Well.

Everything that consists of What Makes GaiaOnline, GaiaOnline.

So Lets Hear it!

May consider doing an Art contest on the costumes of the heroes to which the two most liked(IE one for Barman one for Shots Boy) would receive... something but being new that is still in the air XD
Haha that actually sounds like a pretty cool idea.
Awesome! Glad I'm not the only one biggrin
Nope. Sound's exactly like something I'd read, haha.
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That sounds ridiculous..... I love it.
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same here. sounds like a fun read 3nodding
I see barman as being tall and rangey, like for grabbing bottles from top shelves, extremely economical in motion, hooded eyes.
Shots boy is hairy super mario, with jean lederhosen and fights spillmonster alone.
The undertipper will die a gruesome, spectacular death.
Sober Jack is like the joker, no matter how many times you think he's dead, he keeps coming back.

They combine forces to take down after-hours zombies, fight off hoboes.

I cannot draw.
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as someone who has worked in food service, i love it! have you read 'a year in waiting'? it's a sketch comic by e.k. weaver (of 'tj and amal' fame) and it's a pretty funny take on restaurant life smile
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I cannot draw.

I've found that a comic is a great way to learn. You start off really crummy, but a hundred pages later, you make some real progress. All it takes is the drive to do it. And maybe some books on how to do it.

Also, observation of the real world helps. Checking out how your hands, arms, and legs move and look, seeing how scenery appears to you, and applying that to your art.

Or were you just saying you wanted to get someone else to draw? xp
I really like this! I would love to collaborate on a project like this!! I could post art of mine if your interested

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