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Kenny Cappuchino
I'd say add more of a transition between panels 2 and 3. Like, perhaps lines suggesting he's sat up. Gotta say, I do like the little leaf and how its swinging and then falls off in the last one ^^

Though, the tree does look awkwardly smushed. Larger boxes to incorporate more of the tree would help that.

But still, quite cute. I noticed that all of your panels look like they're individually drawn. What program did you use? Perhaps instead of drawing the same thing over four times, you could just draw it once and paste it for the two other panels you need. If what you're using lets you do that anyways, but most progams I know do, it's just a matter of figuring out the buttons ^^

I used photoshop for the panels..although I wanna learn a new way to do them since it was a hassle making them. i didnt individually draw them. i made a all panels on photoshop and printed it to draw on it. scanned it back onto photoshop and used that path tool to trace all over it for the lineart. And yea I know what you mean for panels 2 and 3. I didn't want to do two pages so I had to like..squish things up. Thanks for the critique
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Feral Corpse
Heh. That would be intersting. A character going '2d' to '3d'. Could be hella funny with censor bars too. >.>

Seems like you are disappointed

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